2014-08 Digital Health Days

2014: Greetings from the Digital Health Days, Stockholm, Sweden


Digital Health Days 2014 was organized during 25-26 August 2014. This time the main topics rising up in the speeches and the discussions were the issues that the data belongs to the patients, and that the patiens must not be withheld any information. In the picture is the E-Patient Dave, who actually used various patient networks to find out a treatment for his cancer. He was also invited over to the White House to meet with the President of the USA.

Dave went to the doctor because he had developed some muscle pain in his right arm. After taking the X-ray, the doctor said it is no muscle pain. They took the CT and MRI, which showed it to be an intestal organ cancer, wich had spread into his system. The doctor gave him 6 weeks of time to live. After recovering from the shock, this MIT graduate started searching for the best treatment for his condition. He gets from one cancer patient dicsussion forum very detailed information that based on his condition one specific interferon type could help. He then asks his doctor to issue him that, and he fully recovers during a time period of 3 months. There is no sign of the tumor any more. Dave concludes in his presentation that the greatest asset ignored by the health care system is actually the patient. We at Medigoo totally agree on this, and that is why we at some point will be setting up a discussion forum part into the website for registered users.

Other relevant topics that we handled were big data and bio-hacking. The conference was really very interesting. Compared to the year ago, there was a clear difference in the force how the audience wants to have access to their medical records, and say that the patient should own the data.

There was a panel discussion on what makes Sweden so successful with new initiatives and technologies. The answer that was provided was that the Swedish government and especially the Stockholm region are driving positive changes for Entrepreneurs. If there is a new business opportunity, the government will start to make legislative changes to support these new business opportunities.

The next conference will be arranged on 23-24 September 2015.

-Mika, CEO, Medigoo.com

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