2014-12 Biohacker Summit

2014 December: Greetings from Biohacker Summit 2014, Helsinki!


Medigoo participated in the Biohacker Summit that was held at Helsinki on 10th December, 2014. Most of the discussions were about measuring yourself and what work life is going to be about in near future.

Biohacking term reflects to optimising your own heath, who you are and what are your capabilities. You being the main source of information and you being active in preventive health care.  It consist of real time self experiences, quantified experiences, mapping those together and using the map.

You really can influence by eating right food for your self, controlling the stress level and sleeping well. It was mentioned example that using huge amount of salt does not necessary lead to high blood pressure to everyone. But if you are salt sensitive person it can lead. Salt sensitivity is good example that you can measure with gene tests. By being aware what suits you it is easier to eat healthy.

Stress level can be tested for example with testing cortisone level. Mediation and Rhodiola Rosea were examples to reduce stress. Last one was argued to work also for hangover.  

Amount and qualified sleep can not be embraced too much. It can be quantified with Beddit and Emfit. The Beddit Sleep Monitor is based on ballistocardiography (BCG), a scientific method for measuring cardiorespiratory functions. It detects the tiny signals caused by heartbeat, respiration and movements of the person in bed.

Satu Saarikivi told that work is becoming learning intensive, creative and interaction based. Networks are self organised. This requires from employer interaction skills, continuous learning and flexibility in thinking. To be creative you need to make time for relaxation and value daydreaming.  Interbrain is increased by co-operation, not competition. She also told that ability to empathy is meaningful skill for employer.

We had many interesting discussions about Medigoo service at the event. Some you were also potential partners. It was nice see you all.

Next Biohacker Summit will be 24-25th September, 2015 at Helsinki. See you there!

-Marika, Project Manager, Medigoo.com

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