2015-01 Health Technology Expo

Greetings from the Health Technology 2015 Exhibition (in Helsinki, Finland)

Health Technology

Terveysteknologia (Health Technology) 2015 exhibition was organized in parallel with eHealth 2015 in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. It was a three day event (7-9 Jan) gathering together senior decision makers from Finland’s health technology industry including the public and private sector such as hospitals, health care districts, social and health care groups, health care service organizations, health Start-ups and companies with IT health solutions. Furthermore, at the same time there was a yearly Lääkäripäivät event (The Finnish Medical Convention 2015) for doctors only, nevertheless the main lectures were open to all for the first time.

Medigoo participated in the exhibition to seek for business partners and to understand the opportunities and challenges professionals are facing in their current activities. The exhibition consisted of approximately 50 exhibitor companies, nearly 10 HealthSPA member companies as well as almost 10 health Start-ups. Many of the company products and solutions were targeted for professional use in clinics and related health systems. However, there are increasingly new products to our operating area – closer to homes and self-diagnostics. To highlight some interesting ones:

MyDiagnostick to measure your EKG with 100 point accuracy in a minute just by holding a metal stick with your both hands. The measurement can be sent further to a physician in case of abnormality. Beat2phone offers another EKG measurement solution. Beddit and Emfit to measure the quality of your sleep by placing a sensor under your sheet and connect it to your phone or cloud. Everon provides safety solution wrist bands with an alarm. The bracelets have e.g. GPS tracing, alarming, monitoring, communication, location features amongst software development SDK in robust and waterproof product integration. MediXine offers solutions for home clinic. They have a modular solution with multiple devices for patient self-care, patient monitoring, and collaboration with medical professionals as well as provide powerful tools to share data between systems.

Lectures and speakers included e.g. Tanja Lappi / Heltti Oy,  speaking about a new way of doing healthcare (their speciality is occupational health care) instead of the “old medical way”. The old medical way is performance based approach, has old processes, tools, methods, retarding attitude and knowledge supremacy, which are slowing down the development of health solutions and services. According to her, in the new way the doctors should be in coaching and sparring role where self-diagnosis data could be used as help in understanding what is the health status of a certain person, improvement areas, following-up, valuation and importantly to make a positive health change in lifestyle.

Kirsti Lonka / Prof. University of Helsinki lectured about ”Diginatives in the Doctor’s appointment”, which means a new generation of digital age savvy persons meeting a doctor. Kirsti highlighted typicalities and differences of multiple generations and highlighted diginatives as a generation born after 1995, who are living in a remarkably different environment than previous generations. Kirsti gave an example to illustrate the difficulty in understanding this. In a test, a baby who is familiar with using a tablet to move images with a finger was given a magazine instead. The baby was staring the finger dumbfounded and wondering if there was something wrong with it since the images were not changing on the cover of the magazine as should. Kirsti mentioned that if a diginative knows a lot medical facts regarding specific disease, it is an opportunity for faster dialogue with a doctor. Doctors’ can use the patients’ information and understanding of the health status as help in making diagnosis and medical care.  Diginatives should understand that traditional doctors’ appointment and health care do not take much into account patient’s needs since the doctor is in center and seen as omniscient according to Kirsti. At Medigoo, we think that these gap(s) between generations should be taken into consideration and we should provide information, tools and methods in encouraging the patients’ responsibility in understanding ones’ own health and wellbeing.

All in all, the exhibition gave good insight to the health technology industry from Finland point of view. The exhibition further boosted the believe that we are at the forefront of new business and change in health industry where the consumers demand more information and understanding of their health want to be in the center of health services and health care, which the medical and health industry and current approaches have more of less omitted. At Medigoo, we strive to help in these consumer needs with our services, business partners and health professionals.

Next year, the exhibition will be even more international, innovative and cooperative (13-15.1.2016 Nordic Health Technology & eHealth Forum 2016).

-Marko, COO, Medigoo Inc.

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