Fields’ disease

Fields’ disease: Descriptionfields’ disease

Fields’ disease is the rarest health condition ever known in the world as long as it was diagnosed only once and affected two Welsh twins Catherine and Kristie Fields after which the disorder was named. Fields condition is a neuromuscular disease that was named after Catherine and Kirstie Fields, who were born with the condition that had not been diagnosed until then. This affects the body’s nerves that cause voluntary muscle movement.


Fields’ disease is a neuromuscular disease although the doctors don’t have enough information to understand the nature of the disorder. It is known that the disease affected the girl’s nerves and caused neurodegeneration.
For the first time the disease was noticed when the girls where about 4 years old. By the age of 9 the kids had difficulties walking, they required walking frames to move, at the age of 11 they presented failure to write and eat by themselves, since 14 they are unable to speak. Every day girls experience around 100 painful muscle spasms.

To verify the diagnosis the doctors did numerous tests, but still they haven’t found any cause or treatment for the disease.
The disease is progressing gradually. Now the twins are 19. They use wheelchairs to keep mobile and voice boxes (electronic speaking aids) to communicate. The doctors try to comfort the girls’ lives, but they try to find out more about the disorder.

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