Iliac crest syndrome

Iliac crest syndrome: Description, Causes and Risk Factors:The iliac crest is the curved ridge at the top of the pelvic bone. It forms the prominent bone of the hip. The iliac bone crest is the uppermost edge of the ilium, one of three fused bones, the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis, that together make up the pelvis. The iliac crest is a particularly important bone structure in medicine, as it contains large amounts of bone marrow. It is often used as a source of red bone marrow cells and stem cells for bone marrow transplant procedures. The iliac bone crest is usually considered to be a safer place to harvest bone marrow from than the vertebrae in the spine. Moreover, the quality of the bone marrow that can be extracted from this bone is generally considered to be of a very similar quality to spinal bone marrow.Iliac crest syndrome MedigooIliac crest syndrome, sometimes called the iliac crest pain syndrome, is a disorder characterized by recurrent lower back pain. The pain may occur particularly after exercise, or after sitting or standing in a particular position for a long time. Another symptom that is commonly observed with this syndrome is one iliac bone crest being lower than the other. The root cause is often an inflamed or torn iliolumbar ligament, which is the ligament that connects the iliac bone crest to the spine.An iliac crest fracture may be seen in some cases of hip iliac crest syndrome. These fractures are usually treated conservatively, and in a healthy adult will usually heal naturally, although pain control may be necessary. Iliac bone crest fractures are also occasionally seen as a complication in bone marrow donors, where marrow has been extracted from the ilium.Other causes and risk factors may include:Arthritis:Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Psoriatic arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Septic arthritis.
  • Dislocation.
  • Hip fracture.
  • Hip labral tear.
  • Inguinal hernia.
  • Sprains and strains.
  • Pelvis fracture.
  • Tendinitis.
Pinched nerves:Herniated disk.
  • Meralgia paresthetica.
  • Sacroiliitis.
  • Sciatica.
  • Spinal stenosis.
Cancer:Advanced (metastatic) cancer that has spread to the bones. Other problems:Avascular necrosis.
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.
  • Osteomalacia.
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Paget's disease of bone.
  • Rickets.
  • Synovitis.

Iliac crest syndrome Symptoms:

Symptoms may include pain the following areas:Lower abdomen.
  • Groin.
  • Buttocks.
  • Down the leg.
  • Hip.
  • Lower back.
  • Sacroiliac Joint.
  • Across the top of the hip bone (iliac crest), sometimes wrapping around to the lower back or buttocks.
Diagnosis:The presentation of iliac crest pain in relation to physical activity can lead to a number of very different diagnoses. Careful attention to the history and examination findings can guide the clinician in determining the correct diagnosis and/or further work-up if indicated.Onset of pain (acute versus chronic), severity, and radiating features, if present, should be described. A history of trauma, mechanism of injury, aggravating and/or alleviating factors, occupational status, recreational activities, and constitutional symptoms, if present, should all be ascertained.Careful clinical examination, including a number of functional tests of the relevant muscles, tendons, and joints should be done, including:Squeeze test for the adductors.
  • Palpation and modified Thomas' test for the iliopsoas.
  • Examination of the inguinal canal and conjoint tendon for incipient hernia.
  • Impingement and apprehension test for the hip joints.
  • Gait pattern should be observed, in particular:
  • Trendelenburg's gait, which results from insufficient strength in the gluteus mediusView image.
  • Coxalgic gait, which results from the patient quickly unloading the painful leg while bearing weight.
Imaging tests may include: X-ray and MRI scans.Treatment:The goals of treatment are to:Relieve your pain.
  • Return your joints to their best mobility.
  • Make your iliac crest stable.
  • Find and get rid of stresses on your iliac crest.
  • Teach you how to prevent new injury to your back.
In mild cases of Iliac crest contusion treatment involves rest, ice application and protecting the injured area with an elastic wrap. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), aspirins and analgesics can help reduce inflammation and pain at the site of injury. Acute cases of contusions may require surgical cure.If your pain is caused by a muscle or tendon strain, osteoarthritis, or tendinitis, you can usually relieve it with an over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen (Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve).Other Treatment Options May Include:Muscle Therapies - These treatments use machines, like TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and ultrasound that use electrical impulses and sound waves to help relieve muscle tension and pain.
  • Cardiovascular exercises - Mild aerobic exercise gives you better overall blood flow to your spine and body. This helps to improve your general health and supports the healing process in your back.
  • Stretches - The doctor may prescribe stretches for you to do at home and in the doctor's office. We choose these stretches to give you better overall flexibility in your lower body and spine.
  • Home exercises - You will be prescribed a set of exercises chosen especially to help you get better. Doing these exercises regularly is the most important thing you can do to get better and heal your back.
NOTE: The above information is for processing purpose. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.DISCLAIMER: This information should not substitute for seeking responsible, professional medical care.


  1. David Larson

    Our close friend has suffered from an illiac disorder for years and now on MRI there were four questionable
    images that were eventually biopsied (lab findings tomorrow). We are hoping for inflamatory tissue or if
    marrow from crest non cancerous cells. What makes us nervous is a acute bronchitis and a nodual found in the right lower lobe.

    • editor-m

      Thank you for your comment. We assume that your friend should go for more presice examination by other methods to identify the real problem and proper treatment.
      We wish your friend to recover soon.

      • Jamie

        I’ve been living with chronic pain in my hips for three months. Extremely sharp, hot stabbing pains in both illac Crest. Unable to exercise, cross legs, or touch my hips. Pain and numbness in legs and lower back along with sciatic nerve pain in both legs. I’m 51 and feel 90. No idea where to begin with doctors. Tired of the pain, fatigue, weight gain, and lack of normal routine.

        • doctor-c

          First of all, consult with your family physician. He will order some routine tests to estimate your health u=in general and will suggest you which specialist to see – probably, you will be referred to neurologist, orthopedic surgeon or rheumatologist.

  2. Ryan

    I got shot and the bullet went through my hip and the doctor diagnosed me with a fracture of the iliac crest after looking at the x-ray I cannot work i can barely walk. What do you recommend?

    • editor-m

      We recommend consult your doctor for more precise examination and giving you treatment options.

  3. Stacy

    I am suffering moderate to sever pain with this… what’s the recooperation time? I’ve been down and hurting for MONTHS!!

    • editor-m

      The time of recovery will depend on your condition and treatment you are assigned for. Properly addressing this pain as soon as it develops will help to ensure an adequate recovery. Since this injury is very painful, recovery is usually very slow. When the person is without pain, sports massage and range-of-motion activities may reduce tension and swelling and prevent scar tissue buildup.

      • Stacy

        I haven’t found a dr that can help me!! I’m still living in pain every day!!! Clear MRI, clear x-ray,… the “specialist” gave me a cream to rub on it… lol… I feel helpless!!

        • Darrell Rumsey

          Go to a chiropractor, mine is fantastic.

          • Archana

            Where I get chiropractor

        • Sandra Frederiks

          Try to find a massage therapist who does trigger point therapy. It might take a number o sessions but should give you a lot of relief. Some schools of massage therapy have treatments available by students and they are less expensive.

  4. Carole

    I had a hip replacement back in July and was doing well until I got this pain in the iliac bone. I have had it now for 3 1/2 months. My doctor ordered an ultra sound that showed a small amount of fluid and said it was bursitis. I find it very painful after sitting for sometime and also in bed if I lie on that side. I am on pain killers but they are not doing anything and deinitely not improving. Should I ask to have an xray.

    • editor-m

      It is not possible to advice anything without physical examination. Please, consult your doctor for such a reason.


      Had a bone graph to fuse my spine. I know the exact pain you’re feeling. Very painful, find out about doing an ablation where they burn the nerve it does help!

  5. Grace

    I don’t do extreme workout. I workout 3 times a week. I recently started walking a lot more for my workouts and I noticed the pain. It hurts a lot after working out and I feel it after sitting for a long time. Should I be alarmed? I am considering going to see a doctor.

    • editor-m

      You definetly should see a doctor. Of course, it depends on your personal condition, but if you feel you don’t know what is problem about, go and check with a doctor.

  6. Tanya Turner

    I had spinal fusion surgery eleven years ago. The bone graft was taken from my hip. For the last couple of months I’ve been experiencing pain in my hip. After all these years is it possible that I am experiencing these aches because of the bone graft many years ago?

    • editor-m

      Thank you for comment. We think that in this case you need to go for physical examination to clarify the situation.

  7. Eric

    It’s been a year and a half since I had a motocross accident which caused a football sized hematoma and severe pain to my left abdomen and left pelvic area. I was diagnosed with a chronic hematoma with some abdominal muscle tear. Up to this point the hematoma has mostly dissipated and I think the muscles have repaired themselves however the extreme pain to my pelvic bone remains. I’ve now developed mid and lower back pain in addition to the pelvic bone pain. Pain management has been treating me for nerve pain. I’ve been on just about every muscle relaxer and nerve pain medication without any relief. They won’t prescribe a narcotic (which has helped in the past) since they say that a definitive diagnosis hasn’t been made even though my quality of life is suffering greatly because of the 24/7 pain. I’ve been through PT but it was cut short by my therapist due to my pain not getting any better. I had an EMG test that concluded my nerves are fine. I’ve been to a spine doctor who said I have back issues but doesn’t think it’s related to the trauma or the pain in the pelvic area. Said he won’t address my back until my pelvic bone pain issue is resolved. I’ve been to a hip specialist who twisted my left leg around and it put the pain level to my pelvic bone over the top. At another visit i had an mri done where they injected cortisone into my hip. Immediately after the test the doctor reviewed the results and said since the pain on my pelvic bone didn’t go away he said it wasn’t my hip. I’ve had several MRI’s,CT scans and x-rays of my abdomen, hip, and back. The doctors seem miffed as they keep sending me to someone else to try and diagnose my problem. I’m seriously frustrated. I’ve been researching my symptoms and came across this iliac crest syndrome. The symptoms are very very similar to what I experience daily. My pain management doc sucks and said they only treat nerve pain and they don’t make diagnosis. I’ve been treated very disrespectful by PM as though I’m making this all up. Im at my wits end. With all the tests and scans I’ve had you would sure think some doc would have been able to make a diagnosis. Whether it’s iliac crest syndrome or something else. Im sure there are nerves invoved but is iliac crest syndrome more of a severe bone pain thing rather than nerve pain which I’ve been treated for? Why would nerve pain meds and cortisone w/steroid shots not help one bit? What type of doctor deals specifically with this type of iliac crest pain?

    • Bryan

      Eric: I’m saddened to not see a response to your issue. I have been through the exact same frustration except my pain is deep in my hip at the top of the iliac crest. Lately my lower back on the same side is affected as well as my lower rib in the front and back (all right side). I’ve had X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and bone scan-all negative. The pain without medication is worse than the day after my shoulder surgery and chronic. My life has been reduced to being home bound waiting for the next exam and similar to you, under treatment of the pain has been happening since images are negative leaving me trapped and a burden on my family. The worst part is physically it is visible as swollen and at times light bruises have come out from the inside. Still, no image results = no diagnosis = no plans to correct the issue. It started one year ago with a sore hip and since July the pain kicked in strong and progressing each month. If you find the right doctor that can solve this or your similar problem please let me know. Hang in there. -Bryan

      • Eric

        Bryan…the one doctor that I’ve seen over the past year that has taken me seriously is a trauma doc. He finally gave me the option to have surgery since my pain wasn’t getting better..only worse. He gave me a 50/50 chance for pain relief. I opted for the surgery and when they went in they found scar tissue from my hematoma surrounded by damaged ab muscles. I was told the trauma i had from my wipeout ripped a hole in my muscle and that filled up with blood from the hematoma which eventually turned into scar tissue. He cut out the scar tissue and repaired 2 of the 3 muscles that attach to the pelvic bone. 2 weeks after the surgery I could get around the house using crutches or a walker but was on pain meds. I’m now 4 1/2 weeks into recovery from surgery and have been weaned off the pain meds. I’m obviously feeling the pain of my ab muscles being cut and repaired but the previous pain I’ve been experiencing on my pelvic bone is coming back full force. A couple good things, which I can’t explain, my back pain is less than before and I can walk on my own. However I still walk hunched over in pain and with a gimp because I favor my good side. I’m still home bound and I’m back to praying for relief. I was a very active guy who also has a wife and two kids and this has been a huge burden on them as you mentioned so I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’m still wondering if this iliac crest syndrome is something I might have. When I mention it to the docs I’ve seen they are quick to deflect my question about it to something else. Pretty sure it’s not the case but I’m getting the feeling that because I have decent insurance they are just trying to keep me in the system as long as they can. As you can tell I am very frustrated as you are. Let me know if you come up with anything on this and I will do the same. I’m praying for you and your family. Be strong and courageous. -Eric

    • Sarah Johnson

      Sounds more like crps to me,complex regional pain syndrome,id query it.

    • Ken

      I have the same problems as Eric stated, I have been through all of this the last 15 years and underwent a spinal fusion of the L-4, L-5, s1 vertebra and then a year later they pulled out all the hardware because a screw was pulled loose pinching my sciatic nerve but I still can not convince that my pain is coming from my ilium – it feels like someone is sticking me with a knife, or something around there is cutting flesh or something- is there a doctor I should look into to finally get this fixed – I can not take the pain any longer.

      • maisteri

        The pain you describe is typical for the neural pain. You should consult with a neurologist or neurosurgeon to find out the problem and probably you will need a spinal fusion to be done again.

  8. Rainstorm Redsmith

    Born bilateral hip dysplasia,both hips out of sockets since birth, that wasn’t noticed till 14 months old…sleeping in the splits, getting feet caught in rungs of crib was not thought abnormal. Treatment at 18 months 2 years of heavy braced together, legs-hips Forced together. I destroyed 2 cribs beating my leg cast against in 24 months. At 6 years old forced to take Ballet…Now Forced hips Out therapy for 10 years. First Dx Juvenile arthritis in hips at 8 years old, adult arthritis chronic pain hips all my life. Now extreme pain in front projected spot and back projected spot isolated to Illium-Crest.
    unrelated to exercise or activity.

    • editor-m

      Thank you for commenting. Hopefully, after more precise examination you will find an alternative treatment.

  9. Teresa Bourgeois

    I have chronic myeloid leukemia and take oral chemo daily. I’ve had many bone marrow aspirations. I also have hip impingement and torn labrials in both hips. Oh and I have Lupus. Something has changed beyond my everyday hip pain and it seems to be on the top hip bone. My leukemia is controlled. Not even sure what I’m asking because I’ve seen most of the answers here. So, I know….. go see my ortho?

  10. Bryan

    It’s Bryan again from the post above. Please any doctors or spine/ortho surgeons- severe pain 1″down from top of iliac crest stabbing pain that can be as far forward as abdomen adjacent to hip and far back as lower back, it also can hurt upward to lower most ribs front and back. Started as a stiff hip and over one year has spread to all the areas mentioned above. All imagery normal including X-ray Ct scan MRI bone scan and ultrasound. Pain so severe that without narcotic pain medication I can’t do anything and want to go to the ER. Lately, I’ve been zeroing in on Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction due to the sharp lower back pain. My Hail Mary last exam will be a pelvic MRI and a SI joint injection under fluoroscopy to isolate the pain and confirm that it’s the SI joint. 4 months before the pain started I was slammed onto rock by a large wave surfing and my iliac crest area was black with bruises aged that was the “trauma” that I tell the doctors that I think may have caused all this. Is this diagnosable as iliac crest syndrome? The doctors are pretty much giving up on me and it is a life sentence of pain and burden on my wife and two daughters. Please help, I’ll check this site regularly. Thank you for reading this.

    • Eric

      Bryan…the one doctor that I’ve seen over the past year that has taken me seriously is a trauma doc. He finally gave me the option to have surgery since my pain wasn’t getting better..only worse. He gave me a 50/50 chance for pain relief. I opted for the surgery and when they went in they found scar tissue from my hematoma surrounded by damaged ab muscles. I was told the trauma i had from my wipeout ripped a hole in my muscle and that filled up with blood from the hematoma which eventually turned into scar tissue. He cut out the scar tissue and repaired 2 of the 3 muscles that attach to the pelvic bone. 2 weeks after the surgery I could get around the house using crutches or a walker but was on pain meds. I’m now 4 1/2 weeks into recovery from surgery and have been weaned off the pain meds. I’m obviously feeling the pain of my ab muscles being cut and repaired but the previous pain I’ve been experiencing on my pelvic bone is coming back full force. A couple good things, which I can’t explain, my back pain is less than before and I can walk on my own. However I still walk hunched over in pain and with a gimp because I favor my good side. I’m still home bound and I’m back to praying for relief. I was a very active guy who also has a wife and two kids and this has been a huge burden on them as you mentioned so I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’m still wondering if this iliac crest syndrome is something I might have. When I mention it to the docs I’ve seen they are quick to deflect my question about it to something else. Pretty sure it’s not the case but I’m getting the feeling that because I have decent insurance they are just trying to keep me in the system as long as they can. As you can tell I am very frustrated as you are. Let me know if you come up with anything on this and I will do the same.

    • Carol

      This was written some time ago, but just saw it. I am suffering something terrible with Iliac pain and down both legs and hips etc and the Dr said it is Sciatica. ( both dies. Ice packs and warm packs and rest. But I cannot take this after three weeks and it can take six. I feel for you and other’s. I had back surgery in 2000 and now worse than ever! Did you go to an Orthopedic or Rhumatologist? I imagine you have, but just wondered? Sometimes it takes finding the specialist that know what is wrong by taking just the ‘right test!’Chiropractors can help too, often. Some Dr’s do not believe in them though. But if they have a table that will just need to be clicked into place to fix a disc out of place that would be best. NEVER allow them to twist neck. Most do not anymore! They should have a special table. Should do X-rays first too. Just like any Dr they can be found in any city or town. I am TRYING to be patient, but after six weeks I am done, and must see a specialist. Cannot go on walking like a penguin! People cannot see me like this. I feel badly for all those suffering and people who suffer are so very compassionate and do understand. Great to have places to talk it over. (Support groups may help some)

  11. Darrell Kotrbe

    I am a bowler that practices three times a week. this injury occurred right at the point of release when all of the body weight is on that one leg. SHARP pain in the iliac crest that reaches down the thigh and into the groin. Makes bowling IMPOSSIBLE.I rested for 6 weeks only to have it return on the FIRST ball I through. Worse than ever.

  12. Fran

    I have had llium and hip sockey pain in both sides for years, every test under the sun. Although I do have pain during the day when I sit or stand for to long and am more comfortable when active, my biggest problem is night time and agony first thing in the morning. Mid 2016 a GP I’d not seen before suggested a blood test the vitamin D deficiency. The result identified a severely low reading I was put on high supplements of vit D. It took months 5 to have any impact but the end result was amazing , a further blood test put me in the normal range and I came off the supplement. 3 months later back to square one , in agony , the llium in particular, so having another blood test to see if for some reason there has been a rapid determination in vit D levels again , is this possible? And if so how do I manage this?

  13. M. Lorraine

    In 1990 had obturator hernia surgery ‘with mesh’, leaving me with severe foot drop, could only crawl for months, severe pain, ……. and then diagnosed with sciatic nerve injury. Sciatic neuropathy from butt to toes for 27 years. Finally, last year a MRI showed metal clips holding mesh were adjacent to sacral plexus, so mystery of sciatic injury solved. Now additional pain, in groin, inner thigh, upper outer thigh, pubic bone, lower abdomen, left abdominal side, into iliac crest, and sometimes lower back just above waist. Told that mesh has migrated and impinging on inguinal/pelvic nerves. The pain in lower side to iliac crest has concerned me. Can it be from the nerve impingement?

  14. Lisa

    I have had pain, numbness tingling across the illiac for approx 1 year now.
    Started in my lower back now radiates and mainly on side and front right above ovary but mainly across the illiac bone..
    Now..muscle soreness, my muscle feels very very hard
    Compared to the other side.
    I have routine CT scans every 6 months
    When pain started had an x ray of back and MRI
    Nothing mentioned of causes
    Had fluid in that lower right back muscle but when they went to biopsie, was gone but noticed soft tissue.the soft tissue was biopsied no RCC. So…. now I still have no answers.
    Maybe I’m seeing the wrong doctors..I see my normal RCC oncologist who wants nothing to do with it and my right family doctor who saids is from surgery.. which was 2 1/2 years ago

  15. Keighley Miller

    I hAve been having pelvic/hip pain when walking and at night for quite awhile. I just had a CT scan for something else but it showed a lucent area of bone on the iliac bone that is 13×6 mm, it also said that it appeared stable. I’m wondering if I should bring it to my gp attention because of the pain? 2 years ago on the same side I also had a hip replacement for avn. I’m not sure if I should press the Dr’s now for answers given the results of my recent cat scan?

    • editor-m

      Your GP should be aware of any chronic pain that you experience. It is important to verify the reason of your pain and start your treatment as soon as possible to provide a better outcome and help you get rid of your pain.
      The lucent area on the CT scan depicts the bone lesion which may also be connected with AVN. Anyway, it is crucial to perform further examination and make a diagnosis.

  16. NS

    I have pain at left iliac crest bone, pain get mild or warmth/burning feeling or disappear with rest but come back again with walk or sitting without back support, or stand still for sometime. Some times pain gets too sever that I start fainting and become restless in that situation pain killers don’t help either and I start thinking about going to ER but then pain is relieved with around 24 hours of bed rest. I got my Pelvis MRI done, that’s because I had pain in my groin too and it was suspended that pain is radiating from groin to Iliac Crest, Pelvis MRI is clear. I am now confused what to do next. I don’t have any pain in my lower back. Any advise will be highly appreciated.

    • maisteri

      Your pain is probably caused by the dislocation of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine which leads to the compression and inflammation of the nerves.
      You should visit a neurologist/neurosurgeon and perform X-ray or CT examination of your spine in the lumbar and sacral regions.

  17. Sandra Donofrio

    I have 2 bulging and one herniated disc. I also have bursitis, and osteoarthritis in my hips. I do have a problem walking due to the disc problems. Now I have sharp stabbing pain at the top of my hip which makes it more difficult when I can walk normally. I hope that the Dr was right that it’s my disc problem that is causing my walking but now this. I already walk with a cane and a walker. I want it all to go away. But for 10 years nothing. I have done message, physical therapy, chiropractor next is acupuncture. Anything else to get rid of this?

    • maisteri

      In this situation you should be examined carefully to understand what causes this sharp pain – bursitis, ostheoarthritis or the herniated disk. Your treatment will depend on that.
      You also need to be seen by a neurosurgeon – if the nonsurgical treatment of the herniated disk is not effective, usually surgery is recommended.

    • Di

      Hello Sandra I have herniated disc from L4 down to S1 been having severe pain in lower back and left hip I favor the left side and I’m leaning to the right side I can’t even try bending to the left the pain shoots to my upper thigh had ever back injection you can think of with no relief. Went to see a nerve Dr that specializes only with nerves he spotted on the last set of MRI that I have what’s called Iliac bone cyst syndrome it’s cause from having a repeat of herniated disc. Going to PT afterwards the pain in lower back and left hip is at a 10. If I sit more than 10-15 minutes feels like I’m being stabbed if I stand to long pain radiates down left leg I walk short distances due to the amount of pain I have to sit then stand it’s very upsetting and frustrating makes me feel depressed I’m a very active person I love my job that I’m off till further notice. Sleep pattern is off due to the amount of pain and discomfort I keep walking short distances and doing light exercise at home and w/PT heat and ice to area helps for a short time. Wish you luck I know what your going through.

  18. Lisa

    I have sharp pain just anterior to my Iliac crest. I hurt from sitting, walking, jogging and walking stairs is bad bad. It hurts to stretch it. My PT said it’s reacting like a hip pointer injury. When pressed on it reminds me of tendinitis but I’ve been told by 2 back doctors, spine-pain specialists and Acupuncturists that it isn’t. MRI showed I have a partial labrial tear but none of my physical tests point to the pain coming from the tear per both back docs. My pain is intense in that location and now after 10 months my lumbar spine muscles hurt, down my buttock hurts, down the side of my hip-buttock muscles and sometimes down the front of the leg. I believe all the extra pains are from having this problem so long. Thoughts?

    • maisteri

      The new pains you experience may be caused by this problem, as when you change the way you walk to relieve the hip pain, your spine, the buttocks muscles and the muscles and joints of the leg suffer due to increased pressure as they have to carry extra weight.
      This condition requires surgical treatment – the torn labrum should be repaired via arthroscopy.

    • Johnny Kaylor

      I don’t know what to say but my experience. I had a heart attack and from laying in bed at hospital my lower back started killing me the hospital heart doctor gave me pain meds until I got out which helped some. I’ve had bulging disc in upper back for 15 years, lower back about 2 years but chiropractic has always got me out of pain. A week out of hospital went to chiropractic and twisted me and then every day got worse like you’ll are saying I have sharp pains in back on left side goes across iliac Crest top of pelvis and stops at side and sharp pains run down side of leg and down front of leg to the front of my knee. When I sit down it’s really bad, at night I can not lay on side or stomach or the pain becomes unbearable. It’s been 2 months and I’ve went to many doctors and going 2nd visit to orthopedic but everyone says hip xray looks good. I got xray from chiropractic and looks like pelvises are uneven and left one twisted in by my research this pain is from unaligned pelvises. Only relief I had gotten was I did go back to chiropractic twice and it started easing up just a little and when I went to orthopedic everything flared back up from I guess them moving my leg around. But I know how you’ll feel and I’ll keep updated but I think the chiropractic ripped tendons and muscles from iliac Crest but come from unaligned pelvises. I do get tired of even if you hint for something for pain they act like you’re some junkie but I’ve worked hard around clock all my life and never go to doctors until heart attack only chiropractic and I was good , 18 years ago they wanted to fuse vertebra in upper back and I left and never went back.

  19. Sharath

    I get a mild pain sometimes on the right iliac crest tip and sometimes on the left crest tip. The pain is so mild that i most of the time ignore it. I did consult my doctor a week back and got a Ultra sound scan done for abdomen and pelvis and nothing wrong came up in the report. Not sure still why i keep getting that pain sometimes ( say once or twice a day) although i can completely ignore this pain or does not bother me in doing any physical activity. Can you please advise.

    • maisteri

      This pain may be connected with the bone lesions, X-ray examination of the pelvis may be helpful.

  20. Kayla

    For the past few months I’ve been experiencing the worst pain ever, I wasn’t able to walk so I went to the doctor and I said it was pain in my hips and thighs, all the doctors were so rude to me not believing me. I’ve done my research and I now know what is wrong with me 99%. I’m not sure what to do, do I just stretch and take pain killers until i dont have the pain anymore

    • maisteri

      You should consult with your orthopaedist and show him all the test results. Based upon this information he will propose the best treatment option for you.

    • Johnny Kaylor

      I had 3 different xray from different doctors and everyone said hips looked good but I got one xray pelvises are not aligned even and ones twisted in but chiropractic did help some, I went twice but pain came back and if I ask for something for pain they act like I’ve done something illegal but I’ve worked hard all my life try to never go to doctors and Love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. But anyway I have pain from left of spine across top of pelvis and sharp pains down side and front of leg to my knee. Best I can find out is torn tendons and muscles where pelvic connects to spine and pelvises are uneven and out of aligned

  21. Daniel

    Are there any recommended doctors in the Southern California area that are will to diagnose and treat iliac crest syndrome, particularly a torn or chronically stressed iliolumbar ligament? I am going on three years now with daily pain, and all treatment on my spine has failed, no doctor is willing to consider the pelvis or ligaments.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • James

      Did you find a Dr that would consider your Iliolumbar? How did you make out ? I’m having the same issue here in NC.

  22. Susan

    I have had a pelvic issue out of alignment and now suffering from pains in low back, right knee red but cold to touch and a pain at the side, feel my buttocks going to blow up and sitting on gold balls also coccyx area so sore and feels like skin peeling off and burn up throughout my body and even in my arms
    Also face and tummy burn with pins and needles. Unable to cope with weird sensations. Had before so really down happened again. No one able to tell me why, seeing an osteopath.

    • maisteri

      You may try to consult with a neurologist as sometimes the weird burning or other discomforting sensations may be caused by the disorders of nervous system.

  23. Lauren

    To all above, please look up iliac crest syndrom. If anyone has found help, please be sure to share with the rest of us. I have been bed bound for over two years as it progressively gets worse,as I can hardly move.this pain is relentless, unforgiving and just down right evil! Meg

    • Johnny Kaylor

      This is what I think too. Thank You.

    • Thomas Duksa

      Dear Lauren:
      I can relate with you, I am in constant pain as well. The muscles and or nerves that are right behind the points of Iliac crests are so painful, I’m lucky when I can walk a short distance and not all hunched over like it hundred-year-old man. In the last 10 years it has also been getting worse and I am frightened of my future, I have not found one doctor that has a clue how to help me. I have been to hospitals all over USA and Canada. I have to take hydromorphone 30 mg in 24 hours when i can’t handle the pain anymor, and what is so odd is that it barely helps, so I wonder what that means, in other words if the strongest pain meds do not take away this pain isn’t that an important clue for a doctor. Anyhow I am telling you this because maybe if you find it is similar with you and the pain meds not working then maybe it will mean something to your Doctor, I will do the same. The best of luck, we need it. Tom 10/18/19

  24. Tracy Hudson

    I had a fall back in March didn’t think anything of it really next day I went to exercise some and did a kettle bell totally throwing my back out – couldn’t lift anything, barely could walk, couldn’t bend over even to brush my teeth or place a trash bag in the can went to my PCP she did xray of tailbone why I don’t know but it was excruciating pain she gave me anti-inflamatories that did nothing.. 3 weeks later went to orthopedic surgeon who ordered MRI – showed my T12 had been fractured but looked healed, fracture in L5, L3-4 30% spinal canal stenosis and herniated disc in L5… so he referred me to neurosurgeon he stated needed kyphoplasty got a second opinion and he stated same thing… had to wear a brace per protocol with insurance for 4 weeks to see if fracture healed which it didn’t had bone density which showed not osteoprosis but softening of bones normal for my age 54 – had kyphoplasty 2 almost 3 weeks ago which corrected a fully collapsed vertebrae (L1) and it has not worked.. I have if not more pain now which is in my lower back still along with pain on the iliac crest on both sides… so severe that no pain medications have helped the only thing that helps is laying flat on my back.. sitting is horrible when the pain begins is when I get up in the morning and get ready for work by the time I’m at work and sit down the pain intensifies and continues.. the pain radiates around to the front pelvis along the iliac crest into my lower back… another MRI is scheduled for today… it’s of my lumbar spine which will not show my illiac crests therefore is a mute point. Can a herniated disc cause this pain? Dr seems to think he may have refractured T12 but it’s not that high up on my back. I have never experienced this typed of pain.. I can’t live this way.

    • maisteri

      The MRI should give the answers as it will help to see what’s going on with your spine and the nerve roots. The pain you experience may occur due to inflammation and irritation of the nerves, that’s why it is so sharp and severe.

  25. Aly

    What about iliac crest pain that goes away with movement? I can’t seem to get any answers/explanations. Every morning I wake up with pain. Pain increases with deep breaths. After about 5-10min if breathing and stretching I get out of bed and the pain is gone until the next day. This has been going on for years and has gotten worse.

    • doctor-c

      There is a large number of disorders that may cause iliac crest pain including some rheumatological conditions or the consequences of a preceding trauma. The best way to find out what’s wrong is to see a doctor who will be able to make some suggestions based on the examination and will recommend you what to do about it.

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