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welcomeMedigoo Oy Inc is out to deliver medical information about illnesses, treatments and medication to the general public in a profitable way. The second stage consists of expanding the created In the third stage the company will deliver revolutionary innovative self-diagnostic automated tools for consumers to use by themselves. This includes a subscription based service model to analyze the collected data.

The medical equipment industry is going to see a similar transformation as the mobile cell phone industry has experienced. The device prices will go down from 2000 dollars to less than 200 dollars in ten years time, and the volumes will go up form thousands to hundresds of millions. The current medical devices manufacturers are focusing on professional medical personnel, and not making any devices for home use except for the blood pressure and blood glucose measurement equipment.


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A Hot Bath Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Glucose Metabolism

A Hot Bath Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Glucose Metabolism

A new study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, finds that a hot bath may help reduce inflammation and improve metabolism. As a part of an experiment, each study participant took a hot bath with water temperature 102°F (39°C) for one hour. The researchers...

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