Morgellons Morgellons or unexplained dermopathy is probably an uncommon form of delusional parasitosis, when a person believes to have sores with some fibers. Usually the sores turn out to be a result of intense scratching and fibers are originally textile.

Morgellons is a mysterious disease, probably a form of delusional parasitosis, but poorly understood and studied. The affected people think that parasites have infected their skin.

Causes of morgellons

Morgellons is poorly studied. Some practitioners suggest that the condition has no physical orgin and is rather a psychological problem ,a form of psychosis – delusional disorder. Others reported the cases of Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) associated with the unexplained dermopathy. There are only few researches on Morgellons disease, but the scientists found that the disorder is not contagious and not an effect of exposure to the environmental toxins.

Risk factors

The condition is more likely to affect middle-aged white women. A lot of patients were also diagnosed with depression and drug addiction. There is a suggestion that people with Morgellons are tend to develop hypothyroidism (low function of thyroid gland).


Affected people complain of intense itching and rashes or sores (although doctors suggest that they are the result of scratching), crawling sensation on or under the skin (it is described as a movement, crawling or biting of parasites or insects), severe fatigue, memory loss (especially short-term memory), difficulties to concentrate and findings of fibers or threads in or on the skin (in the parts where the sores are present).


There is no cure known for the Morgellons. The best way to lessen the symptoms of dermopathy is to treat the other disease that affect the person.

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