Soft skills

General description

The soft skills is a definition used for describing the personal manners and habits, communication, language, friendless, ability to work in a team and everything that help to build relationships with other people. In other words, there are some personal attributes which we use for interacting with others and for possessing the perfect soft skills you will need to improve this individual features.

For better understanding the meaning of soft skills, we should find out the opposite term – hard skills.These capacities are easily measurable and generally visible like software knowledge, IT competencies, ability to speak foreign language etc. So if to talk about work achievements, you will definitely need to have specific hard skills. But soft one will help you to keep this job and go up by the career ladder.

Soft skills are interpersonal and not so easy to develop, sometimes it may require individual techniques for each person. The level of development of the skills can’t be tracked easily or demonstrate. Therefore, the use of soft skills is possible only if you are able to perform different models of behavior, understand and accept own and others interests, set priorities and make choices. The effectiveness of made improvement is always directed to development the ability to see and distinguish a multiplicity of tones and variations of the situations.

The methods which are usually used to work on soft skills are motivation, leadership training, work in a team, time management, personal development and representation etc.

There are huge amount of soft skills that exists in general, but some of them are more useful for concrete person and some are not. It depends on a sphere you are going to use obtained skills if it’s a job or personal relationship management. We can offer to observe the general list of soft skills which will be useful for everyone.

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving
  • Perceptiveness
  • Conflict management
  • Critical observation
  • Skill to forgive and forget

No doubt that we can continue this list endlessly, but it will serve you as some tips from what you can start.

Improvment of soft skills

As was mentioned before, you can apply for some courses or training to start work on development of these skills, but if you are not sure yet and want to start by yourself first, there are some advice for you.

  1. To improve your communication skills, try to practice speaking in presence of somebody familiar who can express the feelings after your speech, make eye contact, control your body language, read and write more and practice oratorical speaking.
  2. For the capacity to build a connection with others you will need to improve the listen skills also. Try to focus on somebody’s speech, ask questions, take notes, pay attention at nonverbal signs.
  3. Negotiate with other people for building healthy relationships with peers, colleagues, clients, business partners.
  4. Practice leading starting from small groups and after observing your boss or supervisor in action, learn positive sides.
  5. Start to be an initiative in taking some responsibilities and tasks, challenge yourself.


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