Weight management

Weight managementWeight management. In our modern life, we mostly have to follow the eat-and-run style of life what makes a process of maintaining a healthy weight very crucial. But for keeping yourself in a good form you should be careful with your nutrition and way of life. If you are underweight or overweight it might cause certain health problems. That’s the one of reasons why people want to get rid of excessive weight, but a lot of them gave up after trying losing weight through different diets which can be offered in specific social media groups, different fashion magazines or TV shows as they work only for a short term.

What is weight management?

However, there are a lot of powerful long-term results approaches to avoid dieting pitfalls and achieve success in beating your weight. The totality of all these approaches to a healthy lifestyle is called weight management. And it includes a balance of healthy nutrition and physical exercises in order to make energy spends equal with intake. Basically, a Weight management is a result of balancing act: if you consume more calories than you can burn you have additional weight, if you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight. Achieving a healthy weight management will help to control cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure. Furthermore, you will be able to prevent some weight management diseases like diabetes, heart illness, arthritis.

Approximately, one pound of fat is 3, 500 calories and if you will cut 500 calories every day, you can lose one pound per week. Sounds simple, but when you get started in practice it feels much harder. Too often, we make the things more complicated than it should be, by using extreme diets which leaving us starving, unsatisfied and disappointed in the end. But there is always an alternative way to lose weight smartly without bad feelings if you will do right choices every day for developing the healthy attitudes and habits and not just following some misleading diets with short effect or without it.

Weight management: New lifestyle, changes, long-term habits

As you probably understood that is not just rapid click by fingers and you are slim and healthy, it will take a long journey and includes work in your brain. We are not born with the understanding of the concept of healthy food, special attitude to junk food or formed food preferences. It’s forming per an aging time. The researchers believe that it’s possible to reprogram your brain for a right perception of food and change your eating habits. Of course, this research will need more improvements to make a final conclusion but it encourages those who struggle with weight and give them a chance to enjoy the life and healthy food.

Therefore, if you want to start healthy weight loss focus on permanent lifestyle changes, not just short-term one, you will need to choose healthy food every day. The other thing you are able to do is to find the people who will support and cheer you like family, friends or special clubs members. One more guideline is to be slow but determined, so you don’t need to lose everything in one month, just settle a temperate schedule and aim to lose one or two pounds per week. Don’t rush with a weight loss as if it will go too fast you might feel sluggish and sick because in this case you are losing mostly water and muscles. Also, it’s useful to set aims which will keep you motivated and usually it’s not short-term goals like fitting in bikini for summer, think about something more significant and in the same time available to realize. In addition use the helpful tools for estimating your progress like scales, health journals, personal schedule. In addition you can look for special weight-loss websites that give a lot of information about nutrition, weight-tracking tools, calories-tracking devices, chats for talking to people who face the same problems and support each other. There is a possibility to create own blog for sharing your progress, give some tips to people who have the same goal and receive comments from them. If you need to control yourself when you are out the variety of mobile applications that are very easy in use will help you in this. It can include the database of healthy food and calories proportions or check your exercise time.Some of them can even regulate carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. But bear in mind that it might take a while to find a good diet by yourself so it’s better to trust to specialists.

The general advice which can be included in every strategy are choosing low-fat and low-calories food, drinking water instead of sugary drinks, eating smaller portions, being physically active.

There are observations about a replacement of weight, so if it’s mostly around the abdomen it can be the sign of health problems. The belly fat is deep below the skin and surrounds the abdominal organs and liver what can cause insulin resistance and diabetes. The food which can lead to a formation of belly fat generally consists fructose or sugar. If you already have some serious diseases because of your weight you should consult with a doctor and decide on suitable solutions as it could be a surgery or medicaments.

Weight management: While choosing a diet and healthy lifestyle methods follow few rules:

  • First of all, don’t go with the «quick-fix» pills, short plan diets, it will save your money and nerves. The main trouble you can get if you try it is when you lose your weight but can’t keep it off, so it will come back soon.
  • Second of all, do not allow your emotions and stress overwhelm you since we don’t always eat when we are hungry but when are stressed as well. Sometimes the food can come to you even when you feel lonely or sad, boring or want to reward yourself. For example, most of us are used to eat snacks watching TV or playing games. It is important to find other solutions to calm your emotions and keep in control (yoga or meditation for cutting off the stress and relax, go out with friends, listen to energetic music to cheer yourself).
  • The third rule you will need to follow is tuning in your eating time. We often consume food without any need or overdo with it by eating in a run, in front of TV, when working and the result is that we eat much more than we need. For changing that pay attention when and what you are eating, focus on smells and tastes of food, try to enjoy what you have in your mouth. Avoid mindless eating during other actions like work, driving, watching TV, try to chew every bite 30 times in order to enjoy it, stop eating before you are full, you don’t have to clean your plate.
  • The next tip for healthy weight loss is filling up your ration with fruits, vegetables and fiber. Remember, you don’t have to eat less and feel hungry all the time, just choose the food smart and fit yourself well. The example of clever choice is high-fiber food (fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains) which takes a long time to digest and in the same time makes you feel full for a long time. Best of all to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and the good thing about it that you will feel full before you overeat.
  • Another rule is connected to your favorite food and temptations. A lot of diets force you to cut off high calories and junk food, but when you will feel bad you definitely cave, go for your treats and won’t stop, breaking all efforts made before. For keeping in the new lifestyle, you wouldn’t need to cut off all treats, just set on the smaller portion and eat it only in scheduled time, find a way to reduce sugar and fat in it by cooking at home.
  • Pay attention to your food environment, focus on how much and when you eat, think about portions in advance, prepare food before you’ll get hungry and don’t go shopping when you are hungry.
  • The last tip we give you here will apply to activities you should include in your lifestyle. You can go with simple aerobic exercises or make your daily life more energetic by usual cleaning the house, gardening, walking with your dog etc. Anything you choose to do must be done regular and constantly. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes and five times a week.

Get away from your TV and computer, these actions are burning less calories than sleeping. Weight management, you can reduce the calorie intake by drinking more water. Sometimes, it happens that the general rules and tips are not able to help you or it’s too late, then you need to see a nutrition specialist and let him take care about your problem.


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