10 Basic Nutrition Rules Everyone Should Know

1. Start your day with breakfast

Breakfast will force your metabolism to work and help you to start your day.

2. Limit fast food

All nutritionists agreed on harmful effects of fast food on our organism but there are people who really enjoy eating it and can’t refuse. But the solution is very easy: you don’t have to cut it off, just limit fast food in your food choices.

3. Choose real food

The explanation of this rule is simple – cut out proceed chemically engineered food and find the real source of it (like potatoes instead of chips).

4. Trust your body

Eat when you feel a hunger and your organism needs energy and stop when you feel full.

5. Put more vegetables on your plate

Don’t be lazy to put additionally some vegetables to your main dish or add it directly to food during cooking.

6. Drink more water

It’s never too much of water in your organism, so if you feel thirsty drink more. And sipping water during all day is a good way to avoid dehydration and keep your body refreshed.

7. Keep your meals schedule every day

This rule is saying that you shouldn’t skip your daily planned meals because if you slow down your metabolic process by that and feel hungry for a long time, it may be later that you will eat more than usually and it can cause overweight.

8. Have a snack if it's needed

When you have a long break between two meals like around 5-6 hours, it’s not bad to have some snacks. It will help you to avoid overeating during having next meal.

9. Don't drink soda

Soda is full of sugary calories and when its swallowed pancreas begins to create insulin and liver responds to eat by changing it to fat.

10. Nobody is perfect

There is no perfect way to eat healthy and avoid all diseases. Of course, you can find the best diet for you and stick to it, but still don’t forget to listen to your body and follow its wishes.

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  1. Hanna

    Thanks, that are true rules without exception for anyone.


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