10 Foods That Will Disappear Due to Climate Change

Climate change will change everything around. It will bring a lot of extreme weather conditions like floods, wildfires, droughts and heat waves. Animals are going to change their locations or die off. Humans will possibly migrate to other warmer places as well.

Also, there is one more thing that will bother all of us: some foods will disappear because of the climate change. Be brave and explore the list of these products below.


In 2011 international team of scientists conducted a study which has shown that temperate fruit and nut trees like the apple tree, which need a certain period of winter chill to produce economically practical yields, could be affected by global warming as winter temperatures rise. They concluded that farmers should be prepared for this by breeding cultivars with lower chilling requirements.

2. Beer 

We are sorry for big fans of beer. Brewers already face some problems by providing secure and stable water supplies. According to the report of National Resources Defense Council, many countries of USA will face higher risks of water shortages as results of global warming.

3. Seafood

One of the saddest effects of climate change is ocean acidification, a decrease in the pH, or the hydrogen ion concentration, in the Earth’s oceans, which makes the water more acidic. This decrease in pH makes it harder for organisms like corals, crustaceans like lobsters, crabs, shrimp, mollusks like clams, oysters, snails, mussels and scallops to form the calcium-based shells and exoskeletons they need to survive.

4. Chocolate 

Around one billion people in the world eat chocolate every day.  But the topography of Ghana and Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) where more than half of the world’s chocolate is sourced in the form of the cocoa bean, will be so different by 2050 that production will be seriously impacted.

5. Guacamole

Football fans love to dip their tortilla chips into guacamole. Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are sure that it will be 40% decrease in avocado production in next 30 years because of increasing temperature during the climate change.

6. Coffee

Around 8.5 million metric tons of coffee are grown in 60 countries on nearly every continent. Half of trillion tons are consumed every day. But it could happen that people will have to find other energizing beverage in future. In recent years, a deadly plant fungus called coffee rust has swept across Central America, cutting coffee production. Experts the spread of disease is caused by higher temperatures.

7. Peanut butter 

Andy Jarvis, an agricultural geographer who led the study, said that flora like the peanut are more threatened by global warming since they grow mainly in flat areas; farmers would need to migrate significant distances to find cooler climates and that is not always possible.

8. Wine 

Grapevines are extremely sensitive to their surrounding environment. If we won't be able to keep the increase of the global surface temperature to a maximum of 2°C (some say 1.5°C) to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, fermented grape juice from winemaking regions would not survive.

9. Rice 

According to a 2005 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “temperature increases, rising seas and changes in rainfall patterns and distribution expected as a result of global climate change could lead to substantial modifications in land and water resources for rice production as well as in the productivity of rice crops grown in different parts of the world.”

10. French fries 

In January, Vice News published a story with a very disturbing headline: “Climate Change Might Be the Greatest Threat to Potato Cultivation in 8,000 Years.” Of course, french fries are not the only one thing we can cook from potatoes, but it is very popular everywhere and it may effect to the daily ration of many people.

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