10 Popular Lies About Weight Loss

People who ever tried to follow some tips about weight loss from the internet faced the annoying disappointment because of its falseness. Most of this advice are not proven or proven not to work.

Medigoo.com collected the most popular lies and myths about weight loss for you to feel more comfortable and confident about chosen weight management methods.


1. All calories have the same effect on your body

So many diets and nutritional tips say - control and reduce your calories. This myth appears because all calories have the same energy content. But it doesn't mean that all of them make the same effects on your weight. Different food goes through different metabolic processes and makes various effects on hunger and hormones that regulate weight.  For instance, protein calories don't have such bad influence as fat calories. If you use protein instead of fats and carbs, you stimulate your metabolism, reduce appetite and optimize functions of hormones that regulate weight.

2. You have to reduce fat for losing weight

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Fat has a specific flavor that makes food taste good. You can be recommended to eat low-fat or fat-free products where this fat and its flavor are removed, but instead you can get sugars, thickeners and chemicals that aimed to enhance the flavor. These additives can be more fattening than full-fat foods. Also, such products don't contain less calories. It's much better to have fresh and full-fat foods but moderate the consuming.

3. You can get more weight eating food after 8 pm

It doesn't matter when you eat your food. It takes more time to burn late-night calories than day-time as you are more active during the day, but the influence of particular food will not change. The thing is if you are skipping meals during the day and overeat during the night, it will definitely have a bad impact.

4. Supplements will help you to lose weight

There are a lot of supplements invented that suppose to increase weight loss, but in reality they are not effective when studied. The one reason why they may work is a placebo effect. People see the advertisement and believe that supplements will help to lose weight, becoming more responsible about foods they consume. Some newest supplements are able to help to lose only few pounds during several months.

5. Obesity is about your choice and willpower


It's not true that obesity is totally linked to your willpower and own choice. Obesity is a complex disease that characterized by an accumulation of more fat in a body than it’s optimally healthy and depends on various factors. There are some genetic disorders and medical conditions (depression, hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, insulinoma). In addition, it may depend on special hormones and biological pathways that regulate body weight. These tend to dysfunction in some people. For example, leptin hormone resistance can be a cause of obesity.

6. Water is a weight loser

Many people believe that if they will drink a lot of water, it's going to help to burn calories and your fat surprisingly disappear. Of course, water is important for your organism but in case when you drink plain water instead of high-calories beverages, but increasing the amount of water won't help you lose weight.

7. There are foods that burn off weight

There are no food that can burn your fat, there are some that can only speed up metabolism and optimize body processes of using calories and energy for short time, but it will not cause weight loss.


8. "Eat less, move more"

Fat is stored in calories. In order to lose fat, you need to get rid of more calories than enter to your body. So the advice "eat less, move more"  sounds  logical. But such advice is really harmful for those with overweight problems. Those people gain the weight back following this tip because of physiological and biochemical reasons.


9. Fast food is always bad

Fast food-Medigoo

After increased health consciousness, people cut off fast food from their menu. But industries of fast food became to produce some healthy options like baked potatoes, salads, hamburger without the bun. There are some chains that totally focus on healthy food like Chipotle. Such variants may not be perfect for organic eaters, but good for those who don't have time to cook and need to it something fast and healthy.

10. Diet soda can help to weight loss

It is well-known fact that diet soda has less calories than regular because producers don't include sugar in it. But instead they add artificial sweeteners that cause weight gain. Also, this chemicals sent to your brain's satiety center and confuse it about gaining or not calories. As an outcome you crave more and can overeat to satisfy yourself.


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