5 Nutrition Tips to Prepare Your Body for Spring

Are you ready to enjoy spring and enrich your body with fresh products? March is a time to prepare 60 trillion cells of your body for spring changes! So let's shake off winter and say hello to spring!

1. First of all, limit intake of saturated fats in the form of fatty meats, bacon, sausage. Red meat - no more than 2 times a week.

2. Increase intake of fish and seafood in your diet up to three times a week!nutrition tips for spring

3. Eat more vegetables. For example, instead of a dish with pasta, you will always have steamed vegetables or fresh salad. 

4. Eat a variety of fruits and nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil, hazelnuts, etc.), but in small quantities, in the first half of the day.

5. Exercise, sign up for a massage using oils and body scrubs, and you'll look great in the spring!

Products to get ready your body for spring

1. Lemons

In fact, its super-force is helping to convert toxins into water-soluble forms, which in this way is much easier excreted. Lemons also stimulate the liver and purify the blood.

2. Beets

Beetroot - is a real vitamin bomb! And if you've avoided it, we recommend reconsidering your opinion. It has many beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins such as C, B3, and B6. They help our liver and gall bladder to destroy toxins and a fiber improves digestion and waste elimination process.

spring apple3. Apples

Most of the apples from the last harvest for a long winter partially lost its useful properties but do not exclude them from your diet. Apples are not only rich in fiber and nutrients. They also stimulate the production of bile that the liver uses to get rid of toxins.

4. Greens

The green vegetables contain large amounts of chlorophyll. It helps our body to cleanse of heavy metals, toxins, herbicides and pesticides. The greens, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, soy or wheat germ and so on - all of which help your body.

5. Cilantro

Cilantro is worth a special mention, as it helps our body to get rid of heavy metals, which can lead to depression, cancer, hormonal problems, and thyroid problems. The chemical compounds in cilantro bind these toxins, pull them out of the blood, tissues and organs.

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