9 Common Foods That Slowly Kill Us

The researchers ranked the most harmful products for the human body, which are eaten every day and very common foods everywhere. Here we are with 9 common foods that slowly kills us.

1. Chewing candies, mermaids, lollipopslollipop

Viscous or sticky sweets cause enormous damage to the teeth, - writes Health Life. And a chance to get tooth decay at a constant use of them is very large. When soft candies stick to the teeth and clogged between them, they offer excellent conditions for the development and supply of bacteria.

2. Chips

Polish nutritionists, who dedicated a whole study to the problem of consumption of fried potatoes, concluded that regular eating potato chips can have an extremely negative impact on the health and functioning of the heart. And the reason lies in the technology of preparation. When frying products that contain starch, a harmful substance formed - acrylamide. Through the wall of the stomach, it enters the bloodstream, and then to the heart, causing malfunctions. Furthermore, carcinogens, which are also formed during frying potatoes, provoke the appearance of cancer. And another reason why you should refrain from excessive consumption of chips - abuse leads to obesity.

3. Carbonated drinks

Sweet drinks also carry a lot of trouble. Firstly, studies have proved the link between childhood obesity and soda drinks. Carbohydrates that fall into our bodies, along with soda, are processed into fat. In addition, these drinks are not able to quench their thirst. The huge amount of sugar that they contain, makes you want to drink again and again. Carbonated drinks contribute to tooth decay. This is facilitated by the sugar and sweeteners, as well as the acid contained in these beverages.

4. Sausagessausages

It turns out that sausage and hot dogs can contribute to cancer. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers. The fact is those carcinogens which are released during the processing of these products, in particular, cause pancreatic cancer. Furthermore, the use of sausages should be limited due to the fact that we do not know, from what they can be made. It has been known that in the manufacture of sausages, unscrupulous manufacturers are not averse to stuff their products by almost all in a row.

5. Mayonnaise

Besides the huge fat content on which we all know, mayonnaise contains a large proportion of emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, preservatives. Patients with obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension should not be abused to mayonnaise, because of it large amount of cholesterol content, which these particular patients should monitor.

6. Instant noodlesnoodles

These are common foods for those who eat on the run and have a very busy work day. Firstly, multiple colors, flavors, flavor enhancers and additives are aggressive against the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. A constant consumption of the instant noodles leads to gastritis and even stomach ulcer. In addition, these noodles are very high-calorie foods, but it is difficult to get enough. After eating it, the feeling of hunger appears again very quickly.

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Gastritis Diet

7. Salt 

In small quantities salt, of course, relatively harmless to most of us. But there are people for whom it is very harmful: about one in five more or less sensitive to it. Associated with its consumption water retention in the body increases the load on the heart and kidney, causing swelling, headaches. Many nutritionists say that a salt does not include any vitamins, nutrients, and organic matter. On the contrary, it is harmful and can bring a lot of trouble to our kidneys, pancreas and bladder, heart, arteries and other blood vessels.

8. Ready-to-cook food

Swedish nutritionists concluded that frequent consumption of semifinished products leads to the development of cancers in women. The reason is that a semi-finished high sugar content, which accumulates in the tissues and blood, may stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

alcohol9. Alcohol

Alcohol has a devastating effect on the entire body. Firstly, the alcohol slows the central nervous system and decreases its efficiency. In addition, it temporarily disables the liver. Also, use of alcohol adversely affects the stomach. American scientists conducted an experiment:19 volunteers were given a drink on an empty stomach for 200 g of whiskey without soda. After a few minutes, their mucosas were swollen and reddened, an hour later on it appeared ulcers, a few hours stretched mucous pus strips. The picture was similar in all subjects.

Be careful with eating mentioned products and let us know what else common foods harm our body!


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