Empty Stomach – 10 Foods Recommended to Avoid

A hungry person is not too fastidious to food, so eats everything that is available. However, this habit may be dangerous because some food on an empty stomach is not recommended. Moreover, eating of those products can harm your health and increase the risk of many diseases.

Here are 10 foods recommended by experts to avoid on an empty stomach.


If these fruits are eaten on an empty stomach, your stomach may be overflowed with acids and gases. Also, they trigger gastritis and allergies. Therefore, it not bad to drink a glass of orange juice with breakfast.


Because of the high magnesium content, the use of bananas on an empty stomach may disrupt the balance of magnesium and calcium in humans. It is fraught with the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.


They irritate the stomach and intestines. As a result, the disrupted enzymatic reaction can cause the appearance of certain diseases. Women may develop missed menstrual period


The high content of organic, tartaric, and citric acids in hawthorn is generating gastric juice. If the person will eat it on an empty stomach, it will have too many acids and gases. 


Raw vegetables contain acids as well what can irritate the stomach if it's empty and cause ulcer and gastritis.


Do not eat candies on an empty stomach. Because the pancreas after awakening can not produce adequate amounts of insulin. It's fraught to eat sweets in the morning due to increase in blood sugar levels.


When used on an empty stomach yogurt loses a significant portion of its beneficial properties. It is recommended to use 2 hours after a meal or before bedtime. In this case, it really helps digestion.


So many of us drink coffee every morning with usual breakfast, but not all of us know that it is gastritis irritant. Coffee induces producing of gastritis juice and can develop gastritis if used very often.  


Sugar is very easy to digest. When sugar enters the empty stomach, the human body can not secrete enough of insulin to maintain its normal levels in the blood. This is a recipe for eye diseases. Moreover, sugar - it is acid-forming foods that can disrupt the acid-alkaline balance.


The tannic acid and pectin stimulate secretion of gastric juice, with the result that a person is experiencing heartburn and discomfort.

Even if you are very hungry, take your time and don't harm yourself with food. Remember that not all food is suitable for use on an empty stomach.

If you don't have any ideas try our Top 5 cheap and healthy breakfasts.

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  1. Kulthum

    I have an empty stomach right now and This article helped me.?


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