Fitness With Diabetes: 5 Main Rules

diabetesDiabetes is such a disorder which forces a person to change the way of life crucially. And it's not only about nutrition but about physical activity as well. Regular training helps to correct body mass and control the disease condition in general.One of the easiest and effective way to do sport with diabetes is fitness. But for getting good results and safety it is important to follow some rules.
  1. Control sugar level in blood. Any physical actvity reduce glucose level what requir
    Diabetes quick test

    Diabetes quick-test (Glucose level test)

    es insulin therapy or taking specific food.
  2. Increase the load step by step, starting with short workout for 10 min, inreasing to 40 min. And it is crucial to do physical activities 4-5 times per week.
  3. Follow you shcedule. Long brakes between trainings cause rapid inrease of sugar level in blood and it leads to decompensation of diabetes.
  4. Feed yourseld accordingly. Having long trainings, consume small portions of sweets just during a workout and before it - have additional portion of carbs (fruits or dairy products).
  5. Control your feelings. There is always a risk of rapid increase or decrease of sugar level in blood.
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