Foods-Cheaters: Trends Imposed Upon Us Saying It Is Healthy

Fashion of healthy nutrition creates its "heroes". The most useful breakfast is muesli, the most convenient meal - sushi, the most healthy snack - yogurt with dried fruit or a smoothie. But not all superheroes are ready to save your body - some products are only masked.

As in the fashion industry, food has its own trends, which decided to follow. But they are usually invented in order to sell more. Therefore, we offer a list of products that are only pretending to be healthy.

Banana chips

Banana chips advertised as an excellent replacement of sweets. Why would you have chocolate when you can eat banana chips! Banana is useful in fact, is not it? But the point is that the banana chips fried in deep fat. Even one serving contains 10 grams of saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels.


Sushi is an example of how healthy food turns into harmful if it's overeaten. Sushi not much subjected to heat treatment, so they are considered to be healthy food. But sushi restaurants often prepare fish with high mercury content. And if you eat too much mercury, you can get symptoms of poisoning like insomnia, nausea, hair loss, high blood pressure and much more unpleasant consequences.

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Muesli become synonymous of a healthy breakfast. Many people gave up on bacon and eggs to start the day with something useful. But the pack of muesli, standing on the shelves hide a nasty secret. Ready flakes with fruit contain about 500 calories and an immeasurable amount of sugar per serving. So if you want to eat really healthy muesli, buy a pack of oatmeal, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, mix and enjoy a healthy breakfast and not a fake in a beautiful package.

Low-fat yogurt

When people strive to lose weight, they are looking for products with the lowest fat content. They buy low-fat yogurt and think that it helped a body, but it's wrong. When the fat content of the product is significantly lower, it lost a taste. To compensate this, manufacturers add sugar. And low-fat yogurt is very sweet.

Energy bars

Energy bars basically make your body to store fat and calories, which in one bar may be up to 500 - as much we need for lunch. When you will enjoy energy bar once again, think about these numbers.

Gluten free foods 

If you can not eat gluten for medical reasons, you have no choice but to go on a gluten-free diet. For the rest the purchase of gluten-free products would be a waste of money. Such products with a high degree of purification does not contain whole grains, so they don't have much of fiber and antioxidants. So, if the rejection of gluten is not neccessary, do not waste your money.

Isotonic drinks

Sports drinks from shops are harmful. Actually, on this planet, there is no useful products with such colors. They are considered to be healthy drinks comparing to lemonades. Sweet drinks, of course, is an absolute evil, made from sugar or chemical ingredients. But it does not make sports drink useful. They are full of sugar, dyes and preservatives, so many of them banned in Europe and Japan.

Ready smoothies

 If you are preparing a smoothie at home, you're on the right way. At home you can add to smoothies everything you want. But some people forget or do not have time to prepare a cocktail on their own and buy ready-made products. Be careful! They may contain more sugar than you think!


Did you hear about diet on popcorn? It was very popular. Who would refuse popcorn? But the corn from a microwave is not very good idea. It contains diacetyl composition which is added into all artificial oil. Delicious, but terribly bad. Diacetyl is safe if to eat it, but not for breathing. And when the hot popcorn in front of you, it is very easy to breathe it.


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