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French Diet for Losing Weight

French nutritionist Pierre Ducane presented a new book about diet for people who suffer from overweight. It is not strict protein diet. The loss of weight is approximately 700 grams per week. It is called the ladder because week divided into seven steps, each of which – one day.

The idea is that every day you will expand the range of authorized products. For example, Monday – protein (lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, tofu, eggs), on Tuesday already, you can add vegetables (except legumes and starchy), Wednesday – fruits, on Thursday – two slices of whole meal bread, on Friday – a piece of cheese on Saturday – starchy, and on Sunday – a gala dinner.

According to your plans in meaning, how much kilograms you want to lose, you can decide how long your diet will last. Of course, oat bran is binding on this diet.

Monday: pure proteins (protein products without limitation).

Tuesday: you should add vegetables without limitations.

Wednesday: you need to add fruits (150 grams, except bananas and grapes) + 1 valid product

Thursday: you should add bread (2 slices of whole-wheat bread) + 1 valid product

Friday: add cheese (40 grams) + 1 valid product

Saturday: starched products (pasta, rice etc) – 1 portion (200 grams of finished meal) + 1 valid product

Sunday: Holidays meal (first + second main dish, dessert or cheese + 1 glass of wine + 1 valid product

Necessarily daily: 1.5 tbsp of oat bran and walk at least 30 minutes.

The list of valid products:

– 0% yogurt with fruit (1 pc. – 125 g cup)
– Soy yogurt (1 pc.)
– Corn starch (1 tbsp. L., Or 20 g)
– Soy flour / corn starch (1 tbsp. L., Or 20 g)
– Extra light Philadelphia (30 g)
– Cheese and 7% fat (30g)
– French cheese Kankoyot (Cancoillotte) to 7% fat (40g)
– Sour cream (Crème fraiche) to a maximum of 3% fat (1 tbsp. L., Or 30g)
– Unsweetened cocoa 11% fat max. (1 hr. L., Or 7 g)
– Wine (added during cooking) (3 tbsp. L., Or 30g)
– Coconut skim milk (not more than 100 ml per week)
– Sausage poultry 10% (100 g)
– Soy milk (1 tbsp. Or 150 ml)
– Rhubarb (100 g BW days, and without limitation BO days)
– Natural Actimel 0% (1 pc)
– Gazpacho (SHOPS) (1 cup or 150 ml)
– Sweet soy sauce (1 hr. L., Or 5 g)
– Cirop 0% (20 ml)
– Sorrel – 100 g
– Berries Goji – 1 tbsp. l.

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