Gastritis Diet

In our modern time, when you have to eat on the go, gastritis – is one of the most common diseases. For those who suffer from stomach problems, we found a gastritis diet developed specialists. Its menu includes delicious, nutritious and healthy foods.

This diet is prescribed for gastric and duodenal ulcers problems, as well as after treatment of acute gastritis. But while such problems do not arise, the principles of gastritis diet can be the basis for a healthy nutrition that helps your digestion.

The main rules of the gastritis diet

In order to support the digestive tract and give it a chance to recover, you should boil, steam or bake (without crust) your dishes. Also, you will have to exclude very hot and very cold foods. Nutritionists say that the food should have the average temperature so that the body does not waste its resources for heating food and is not subjected to burns.

The use of salt should be limited because it not only retains water from the body but also irritates the stomach.

Eating should be fractional: 5-6 times per day gradually. Caloric content should be 2800-3000 calories per day.

You can cook a huge variety of delicious and healthy soups. The best choice is soup based on vegetable broth supplemented with pasta, rice and various vegetables. You can add to such soups a sour cream or egg that will give a dish unexpected taste.

Instead of the usual butter bread (if you eat it, despite concerns about the figure) you can use dried bread or crackers, which can be added directly into the soup.

As for meat, it is recommended to eat low-fat chicken or rabbit - the most dietary meats. Roast beef or turkey can also brighten up your dietary table. Several days a week, you can cook low-fat types of fish for a couple or as fish cakes with a creamy sauce.

To prevent yourself from gastritis and save the health of digestive tract, you should consume dairy products. If dairy products are bored, you can always treat yourself by baked cheesecakes or add milk to egg dishes and get tender, tasty omelette.


Limitations of the gastritis diet

In order not to overstrain the stomach, you should exclude from your menu the rye bread and pastry, fatty meats and such things as canned, salty cheese, hot sauces and marinades.Also, it's required to eliminate cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, onions, pickles, soft drinks, and black coffee. 

The sample of daily menu for the gastritis diet

1st breakfast: boiled egg, milk-rice porridge, tea with milk 2-nd breakfast: apple baked with sugar Lunch: vegetable soup, meatballs with mashed potatoes, fruit mousse Snack: broth, crackers Dinner: fish baked with milk sauce, vegetable stew, tea with milk At night: milk and an apple or banana.


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