Hand Diet. Count Calories Using Your Hand!

Hand diet might be not so common around dieticians, but some of them definitely recommend to try it.All those who are beginning to take care of yourself, one way or another, involved in the calculation of calories and measuring their portions. Well, Medigoo.com want to say that you won't need to use calculators and Excel anymore and keep tracking of your diet. Now you'll be happier, healthier and fit.Thus, the introduction of hand diet: no tables, scales and measuring cups. All you need - your hands.Hand diet is named so because a handful of carbohydrates, proteins and fats will be your only guide.A handful of two clasped hands shows a number of vegetables you need to eat for the day.The front of the fist - daily intake of carbohydrates (rice, other cereals, pasta, bread).The open palm without fingers shows what piece of meat you should eat per day.Fist in volume corresponds to the amount of fruit that you need to eat per day to maintain good health.The upper phalanx of the index finger - the amount of butter and animal fats that can be eaten during the day without harm to your figure.It is very easy to use these tips. It is enough to remember the look of the daily portion of food and divide it into three parts - breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can continue to eat whatever you want, and still lose weight - just reduce the portion of which you used to eat per one time. This is useful not only for the preservation of the body in good shape and getting rid of excess body fat!This principle of nutrition has a positive effect on your health. After all, when the body does not need to deal with digesting excess food, we look much younger.


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