Healthy Lifestyle Tips That are Harmful to Your Health

healthy lifestyleA modern person wants to be healthy. Healthy food, pedometers, bottled water and regular visits to the pool - today all this is very common. And very few people know that many of such popular today in the business of healthy lifestyle can cause serious harm to your health.
  • Disinfectant for hands. Recently, many hospitals and schools have been using a hand sanitizer. At the same time, people do not even know about the danger of using this product. Firstly, it creates wrinkles on the hands, because it over-dries the skin. It also contains chemicals (other than regular alcohol) that can be very harmful when used frequently. And, most importantly, the use of such products creates more resistant bacteria and viruses.
  • Antibiotics. As with the disinfectant for the hands, frequent use of antibiotics helps create drug-resistant bacteria. Soon these drugs will be useless for people with bacterial infections. In case of a cold, you just need to rest more and take plenty of fluids. Another adverse effect of antibiotics, such as rifampin, is the risk of pregnancy. Many women know that their contraceptive pills are useless when taking certain antibiotics. Nevertheless, there are some people who do not know this fact and risk to have unwanted pregnancy while taking medication.
  • Filtered and bottled water. Fifty years ago, people would be amazed at the concept of making money selling ordinary bottled water. Probably, they would refuse to drink water with such outrageous prices. But now everyone is used to paying a heap of money for nothing, and even more - for what is harmful. Companies involved in the production and sale of bottled water do not want people to know that when they purify water they filter out the minerals that are beneficial to health contained in it. And, most importantly, to drinking water in cities, they add fluoride which is harmful to the health of teeth.
  • Painkillers. Many people take medication to feel better. In fact, pharmaceutical companies are one of the leading industries in developed countries. It is not surprising that doctors prefer to prescribe medications instead of their patients choosing more homeopathic methods of solving their problems. For doctors, this is easier and can be more profitable if they receive something from pharmaceutical companies. This is unknown to many, but a large number of elderly patients addicted to the painkillers prescribed by their doctors. In addition, prolonged use of a number of drugs, such as codeine, can alter the chemistry of the brain. In some cases, these changes may be irreversible and even trigger the onset of dementia.
  • A fish. In recent years, the passion for healthy food has spread, and many people eat certain foods only because they are told that this is a "healthy" meal. The transition from red meat to alternative sources of protein is quite popular. The best sources of protein are recommended chicken and fish. However, the use of certain types of fish can often lead to very negative health consequences. For example, some fish contain mercury.
  • Gluten free food. The most recent trend is eating non-gluten foods. It is clear that people with a real allergy to gluten should buy products that do not contain it. But what about the rest. Many believe that gluten-free foods mean a healthy diet, but simply the fact that the cookie does not contain gluten does not at all mean that it is healthy. It still contains sugar and oil, which creates just useless extra calories.
  • Swimming in the pool. Yes, exercises are extremely useful for health. Many doctors recommend to swim as a very good alternative for people with joint pain. However, heavy pool exercises are highly discouraged because they can cause excessive stress to the heart, as well as fluctuations in body temperature. Even Michael Phelps spent in the pool only part of the time daily training to prepare for the Olympics.


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