Human Embryo Grown In Lab For Two Weeks

American scientists from Rockefeller University in New York for the first time were able to maintain the life of a human embryo within 13 days. This surpassed the previous record of 9 days, according to Nature and Nature Cell Biology.

The study allowed the scientists to discover new aspects of human development. One of the study co-author Magdalena Zernic said that it is the most enigmatic and mysterious stage of human development when the main form of body is determined.

The publication notes, that the scientists were able to identify a particular group of cells, which appeared on the 10th day of embryonic development and has gone on the 12th. Biologists were also able to observe how the cells eventually form the human body.

The researchers commented the experiment saying that the development of an embryo is an extremely complex process. The new work has allowed identifying a remarkable self-organizing potential which was previously unknown. It is also reported that the experts were forced to interrupt the experiment because the cultivation of embryos for more than two weeks violates ethics. Earlier it was reported that for the first time, scientists were able to film the birth of the embryo.It could be interesting: Sunscreen Can Cause Infertility in Men


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