Kangoo Jumps Training: 5 Beginner Exercises

Kangoo jumpingIn childhood, many of us dreamed of learning to jump high. Now, after years, it became easier - Kangoo Jumps has appeared. This is one of the relatively new, but quickly gaining popularity types of fitness training.

There are several advantages of jumpers. 

Kangoo Jumps Training is an intense cardiovascular exercise. In Kangoo Jumps, there are several directions: aerobic, power, and with elements of martial arts.

In one session on jumpers, you can get rid of up to 1000 Kcal per hour of training. In addition, Kangoo Jumps reduces the load on the joints by up to 80% compared with sports shoes.

Jumpers can be used both for sports and for active recreation for people from 5 to 80 years old. You can not only jump, but also run in the fresh air.

Some doctors advise using jumpers to those who are in the rehabilitation period, for example, after surgery.

Tips and exercises for beginners

The principle of mounting on jumpers is the same as on rollers. The main thing is to not overtighten much. Some get used to them from the first time, within 2-3 minutes. But in general, they can be mastered for 2-3 training.

The basis of the exercises are jumps, which are quite a few, more than 20. Various jumps can form a variety of complex ligaments among themselves.

Beginners can advise the most simple exercises. Each exercise is desirable to perform for a start for 30 seconds:

  • jumping on two legs
  • jumping from foot to foot
  • jack - feet together, feet apart
  • pendulum - we change legs from right to left, but at the same time the free foot is retracted to the side
  • seethes - jump from one foot to the other, while the free leg will touch the back of the thigh.
Beginners should not be afraid of jumpers, but on the contrary, go to the gym with a good mood. Then everything will work out.


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