Medigoo Renewing the Package Design for the Personal Health Tests

We are happy to let you know that our graphics team has been working hard, and here is the first glimpse of our new package design. The new package is made from thin and strong cardboard, and production will start from mid-April. Languages will be localised for each country.packaging medigoo

It is a pleasure to bring our new packages to markets. The graphics design team has been working many iterations to get new fresh and modern looks still having the required functionality in place. The package brings pictures to the forefront making the package eye-catching and personal. The colors give more visibility, freshness and as combined to graphics layout as well as graphical polygons we get the needed modernness, clarity and technical impression. Additionally, effort has been made to the package in order to fit most of our products inside, in a standard manufacturing format in a way it is possible to have cost savings with regular envelopes and regular mail.


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