Nutrition during pregnancy

The fact that nutrition during pregnancy must be well balanced and useful are not news. This is known to everybody, even those who had never been pregnant. But how to ensure the right diet for a future mother? Sometimes it's not so easy as may look like.In the first trimester woman often don't want to eat anything at all because of the toxicosis. Then she suddenly comes to life, but the taste preferences are changing.Daily caloric content of your diet should be 2300-3000 calories. And of course you need to maintain a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro- and macroelements. Don't follow any restrictive diets! The most appropriate would be a four-power mode.

How to create a menu for a pregnant woman?

Vegetables and fruits certainly should be included in the daily diet of the future mother. If you do not have allergies, you can choose any of them. It is good if the plant foods will account for 2/3 or at least half of your daily diet. Eat them raw and cooked, in salads, soups and main dishes. It's very healthy to drink useful decoctions of dried fruits. Especially increase amount of plant foods in the last week of pregnancy.Vegetables and herbs improve the elasticity of the tissues of the birth canal and contribute to the normalization of the bowel. In addition, extra weight before birth is very undesirable and this food will help to keep the weight.Berries  - extremely useful and desirable for a pregnant woman. You should eat a variety of it. Prepare berries drinks, souffle, eat fresh, frozen, dried, rubbed with sugar or in combination with other specialties.Meat can not be excluded from the diet in any case. This is because the main source of animal protein is needed (along with fish and dairy products). Meat provides you with B vitamins and iron. Choose low-fat chilled (not frozen) meat. But it is better to exclude sausages with preservatives and dyes.Fish is a source of phosphorus and vitamin D, which, among other things, responsible for the nervous system of the baby. Choose lean fish: cod, perch, pike, pollock, hake. And of course, fresh. More preferable to cook boiled or parched fish.Dairy products are the most meaningful sources of calcium. For pregnant women are equally useful as fresh and sour milk products. A glass of sour milk or yogurt would be a great version of the second dinner, and cottage cheese with sour cream for breakfast or an afternoon snack is not only useful but also delicious. However, with whole milk, be careful - it contains a lot of allergenic proteins. And any of purchased milk is whole. Therefore, it is better to drink it after boiling.Here are some more ideas for healthy breakfast Top 5 cheap and healthy breakfasts.


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