“Smart” Pills Remind You When They Should be Taken

Patients who forget to take a medication in time or confuse the dose are the scourge of doctors all over the world.

Especially a lot of these problems appear in the elderly, and in fact they often are in need of medical care. To cope with this disaster, scientists create "smart" pills, in which the sensors are located. They were recently created, and now tested on volunteers in the United States. The most amazing thing in this mini gadget is a power supply: magnesium-copper battery activates by a gastric juice. Once in the body, the sensor sends a signal to a smartphone over the Internet - to the patient and the doctor. Data about what the drug when and in what dose has been accepted stores in a special program, and at the same time it saves physical indicators of the patient (temperature, pressure it.d).

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During clinical trials, "smart" pills were used by people with hypertension. It turned out that in the control group it was not forgotten to take drugs, only by a third of patients, and among those who relied on the miracle gadget, there were 85%.

However, an ethical debate erupted around the "smart" pills. Some doctors and patient representatives fear that the sensor can transmit information about other diagnoses or performance information of patient's body without hir/her awarness. For example, we will know about patient's alcoholism or HIV-positive status. Sensors are already banned for drugs which prescribed to patients with schizophrenia.


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