The Best Breakfasts You Should Eat to Lose Weight

If you ever tried to lose weight, you probably know how hard to be strict about amount of food you eat per day. Two famous nutritionists C&J Nutrition, aka Maryland-based Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh, from New York City are sure that you don't need to cut back on calories, but just eat the right food for breakfast.

They came up with a very mathematic approach for distinguishiing the best breakfasts to eat that helping to slim.

They say that their method for effective weight loss is consuming 300-400 calories in the morning. Also, they recommend that about half the breakfast (between 44 % and 55 % to be precise) should be made up of carbohydrates - while avoiding sugary or processed foods, such as white bread. The breakfasts should be made up of about 10-15g of fat, 25g of fibre, and 13 to 20g of protein and have no more than 6g of added sugars. Nutritionists believe that high-protein diet may lead to weight loss as it was approved by many studies before.

The idea is to make breakfast high in protein, nutrient-rich and low in added sugars, which gives you the perfect balance of almost every food group. If you feel that it is too complicated for you to build up your own menu for breakfast followig these issues, you can use three examples.
  1. Natural peanut butter on wholemeal toast topped with banana is one of the best breakfasts you can eat if you're trying to lose weight, according to two nutritionists.dreamstime_xl_593017
  2. A breakfast of porridge made with coarse oatmeal, topped with walnuts and blueberries is another protein-rich breakfast which could help you lose weight, according to Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh.dreamstime_xl_15798838
  3. The nutritionists say that a breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach and a bit of onion on wholegrain toast is another perfect morning meal if you're trying to lose weight.dreamstime_xl_30551508


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