The Most Useful and Harmful Products for Men’s Health

More than once conducted studies are showing how diet affects our health.

It's not long time ago the results of a new study were published in which it was found what men need to include to their menu and what is better to completely exclude, – according to Biology of Reproduction.

This is especially important if the couple is planning to have a baby. In the first place on the benefits of saving men's health were walnuts. According to the study, the adding to the daily diet just a handful of walnuts can significantly improve sperm quality and increase the chances of becoming a father, even after 50 years.

The group of men who consumed walnuts daily for 12 weeks for conducting an experiment, improved sperm quality in all respects.

Professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, Alan Pacey said that today there is a lot of evidence that diet affects men in their erectile function and reproduction. The walnuts were found specific trace elements and fatty acids, which have a positive effect on male hormones.

Also, the other useful products for men are beans, asparagus (because of vegetable protein and magnesium) and seafood, which is rich in zinc.

Lovers of steaks and kebabs have to be careful - the doctors recommend eating grilled meat only once a week. Excessive consumption of grilled red meat may impair sperm motility and even cause problems with the prostate gland, say a staff of the Medical School at the University of Southern California.

According to them, men who ate more than two weekly servings of red meat cooked at high heat, increase risk of developing prostate cancer by 30%.

Weekly consumption of three to four servings of this meat increases the risk to 40%. These are the results of the analysis of more than 2,000 case histories as part of the study.

According to scientists, it's not the red meat itself what brings harm but the method of its preparation - carcinogens are formed in a crispy crust that appears during fast roasting. Doctors do not object to the use of the same meat in stewed or baked form.


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