Tummy Trouble On the Run: How to Avoid and Stop It

When spring is in full bloom, it is time to go out and prepare your body for summer so obviously, your jogs are getting longer. Sometimes you may face tummy trouble on the run like a side stitch which feels like a side pain below your ribs. The pain can be concentrated on the left side where your spleen is located or right side where the liver is. When a person is at rest, a certain portion of the blood does not take an active part in the circulation and it is a "reserve". The main part of it is concentrated in the abdominal and thoracic cavities.

joggingThis reserve "is taken in hand" for the needs of working muscles in case of physical activity. Blood begins to overflow the abdominal organs as a result of certain physiological properties of its outflow "has no time" for a sharp inflow. The spleen and liver swell from the rush of blood and begin to put pressure on its shell (capsule), filled with nerve endings.

So there is how tummy trouble appear while running. Let's find out together how we can avoid this pain and deal with it if it's on already.Related:  5 Nutrition Tips to Prepare Your Body for Spring

Tips to avoid tummy trouble on the run

  • The time between eating and exercise should be not less than two hours
  • Do not eat much before your run and exclude foods that take a long time to digest
  • Have a light snack that is low in fat, fiber and protein
  • Do not drink too much water right before running
  • Do not neglect the warm-up before a run
  • Sip small amounts of water during your run to avoid dehydration and the jostling of water in your stomach
  • If you are at risk of runner's diarrhea avoid caffeine, high-sugar products (soda and sports gels) and high-fibre foods (green vegetables, beans, bran, berries) five hours before a run
  • Breathing should be deep enough and don't forget to keep tempo which you enjoy without any overstrains

Tips to get rid of tummy trouble while running

  •  It is necessary to reduce the speed of movement,and if you are jogging - go to walking
  • A few times take a deep breath and exhale. It normalizes the blood flow to the spleen and liver
  • When you exhale, you can draw down your belly. This will massage liver and "squeeze" the excessive blood from it
  • Press your fingers to the place where it hurts or massage it.
These are just some tips we have an opportunity to share with you. How do you deal with tummy trouble on the run? Let us know in comments.


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