Vegetarianism: to be or not to be

A lot of people are following vegetarianism now and some still have doubts if this nutritional system suits to their life habits, make them lose weight and be healthy. Of course, vegetarianism includes some moral concept and ideology which we won't touch now, and will focus on other characteristics of this diet.

We can say that despite the apparent advantages of this diet, it has essential disadvantages. monitored the pluses and minuses mentioned by different experts in order to present you a full picture. These theories contradict to each others so it's up to you what you will believe.

Possible advantages of vegetarianism

  • Vegetarian food is healthy Scientists have shown that the adherents of vegetarianism rarely suffer from obesity and high cholesterol levels. In addition, vegetarians, compared with meat lovers, can boast by better general health and longer life. But it's still have not been proved if food contributes to their health or maybe the way of life because among vegetarians there are fewer smokers and alcohol consumers.
  • Human is not adapted to eating meat It is believed that the human digestive system is not adapted to digest meat. For example, Allen Carr (famous for the procedure "How to Quit Smoking") states that "the meat for a man - a substitute that does not have the necessary nutritional value." Our intestines are too long, and the meat is rapidly degraded. Therefore, for its "long life" in the human body, it becomes poison.
  • Adherents of vegetarianism are smart and educated It is thought that vegetarians are the most educated and socially responsible people. So the British scientists of the University of Southampton conducted a long-term study. As a result, they have found that children with high IQ, growing, increasingly become vegetarians.
  • Vegetarianism is frugally In New York, scientists at Cornell University conducted a study. It turned out that if all the people of this state have become vegetarians, that agriculture could feed twice as many New Yorkers.

Possible disadvantages of vegetarianism

  • Vegetarians are deprived of vitamins and trace element Opponents of vegetarianism say that people who do not eat meat, lack of zinc, iron, vitamin B12, protein, iodine and calcium. Slovak Research Institute of Nutrition found that children of parents vegetarians really experience a lack of protein and iron levels in the blood below normal.
  • Eating meat is natural Opponents of vegetarianism, based on the findings of paleontologists argue that the "predatory" in our blood. Scientists of Catalan University Rovira and Virgil found the remains of ancient European man. Age of discovery is estimated to more than a million years. Found next to him simple weapons and animal bones indicate that our ancestors ate bushmeat.
  • Vegetarians are "inhibited" people It is well known that vegetarians replace meat with soy products. However, experts at Oxford University found that this food - a source of essential amino acids for vegetarians - bad for the memory. Those who regularly indulge in soy tofu brain activity below 20%.
  • Vegetarinism has no economical benefits Newspaper Washington ProFile expressed the view that the production of vegetables, fruits and grains need good land. When for producing milk and meat quality of the soil is not so important.


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