8 Things You Need to Know About Restless Legs Syndrome

dreamstime_xl_30052766Restless legs syndrome affects about 10% of people.

Restless legs syndrome was recognized as a single disease in the end of the XX century and is considered as rare disorder. Therefore, its symptoms, characterized by unpleasant feelings in legs at rest and fatigue, rarely lead patients to the doctor. Let's find out the most important facts about the disease to be able recognize it.

1. Legs disturb women more often

According to statistics, restless leg syndrome affects about 10% of people. About 3% of them feel the most complex symptoms that interfere with normal sleep at night. In addition, doctors say that this disease is more common in middle-aged and older women.

2. The syndrome develops from iron deficiency

Causes of restless legs syndrome are still not known. However, doctors tend to believe that it can be provoked by iron deficiency in the body, genetic predisposition, diabetes, kidney disease and pregnancy.

3. Restless legs syndrome may disappear without treatment

Rarely, but it happens that the restless legs syndrome recede without treatment.

4. The syndrome doesn't cause complications

Since the disease is idiopathic in nature, doctors still can not ascribe influencing the development of complications. So while we can say that the main complications of restless legs syndrome - sleeplessness due to pain and subsequent depression.

5. To sleep with disturbing legs, give up on coffee and alcohol

Experts say that in order to ease the situation and to secure a night's sleep having restless legs syndrome, you should make changes in your lifestyle and habits. So, give up coffee, alcohol, smoking and have more rest.

6. Suffering from insomnia? It's time to visit a doctor

You shouldn't go to a doctor as soon as you feel that the disease makes adjustments in your life. Thus, a signal of the need to visit a doctor is insomnia, depression, lethargy reactions, and problems with memory.

7. There is medicine to treat this syndrome

In the world there are four drugs, which have been specially developed for the treatment of restless legs syndrome: Horizant, mirapex, inelastic and Rekip. But doctors may also prescribe other drugs, such as painkillers, opioids, sedative-hypnotics.

8. Anti-stress therapy can improve the condition

If you experience anxiety and depression, it is necessary to address to visit a psychotherapist. While establishing your emotional state you will experience relief of symptoms.



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