5 Proven Ways to Improve Memory

memoryOften, memory problems do not occur just like that. Stress, malnutrition, disturbance of the daily routine, chronic diseases and many other factors lead to small failures in memory. There are 5 checked ways to improve your memory. 1. Sugar and blood pressure At a high level of glucose in the blood and hypertensive disease, sooner or later the blood supply to the brain worsens. The simplest and most obvious solution is to address these problems to a specialist who can tell you several ways out of the situation. Do not delay, the deterioration of memory tends to become worse with time. 2. Math and logic puzzles Do you improve your child's skills? Do not be too lazy to do it yourself. You'll see, a couple of weeks of such brain training will increase the flow of blood to it, which will improve the memory. 3. A full night's sleep and rest Scientific articles and authoritative medical studies prove that a prolonged eight-hour sleep has a positive effect on memory. In the morning, especially if a person has slept well, he or she needs much less effort to learn the information. 4. Learn poems Once in olden times, adults and children necessarily taught at least one small poem of 4 lines a day. This brainstorm improves memory and greatly expands the horizon. Start today! 5. Discussion and pronouncing new information Take it as a rule to talk with your family or colleagues about what you learned, read, or heard. Repeated and spoken information is much better structured in the brain, which means it will be easier to find later in the memory corners.  


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