6 Nutrients for Healthier Hair

Most of us, both men and women, spend huge amounts of money on products to make our hair look fabulous. But experts say this is all for nothing if you’re not eating the right foods to keep hair healthy. The key thing in keeping hair healthy is to consume the right nutrients.nutrients for healthy hair
“Hair is made up of nutrients that come from the foods you eat,” says Beth Warren, R.D.N., founder of Beth Warren Nutrition and author of Living a Real Life With Real Food. “If you don’t eat a healthy, balanced whole-foods diet, then you won’t give your hair the nutrition it needs to grow.”
These are 6 nutrients that are important for good hair health:
  1. Protein.
  2. Iron.
  3. Vitamin C.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Zinc.
  6. Vitamin A.
More information about keeping your hair healthy here.


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