6 Reasons Why Potatoes Are Actually Good for Our Health

Despite the fact that potato has been branded as unhealthy food and excluded from many diets in recent years, it contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that play a significant role in human health. It all depends on the way of cooking. Here are six reasons why potatoes are actually good for you:6 Reasons Why Potatoes Are Actually Good for Our Health

  1. Vitamin C: a 150 g potato gives approximately 15% of the daily vitamin C.
  2. Vitamin B6: a small potato contains about a quarter of a daily intake of vitamin B6.
  3. Potassium: roast, baked, and fried potatoes, as well as jacket potato, will provide more potassium than boiled or mashed – around a third of the recommended daily intake.
  4. Choline: a jacket potato contains about 10% of a daily choline intake for an adult.
  5. Healthy resistant starch: acts as a prebiotic which is important for a healthy gut microbiota.
  6. Gluten free: it is a great option for people with celiac disease or those who need to avoid gluten.


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