7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Getting Ticks

These smart (and easy to adopt) strategies can help you protect yourself from getting ticks this spring:getting ticks
  1. When hiking or walking through a park of a forest, always stick to the middle of paths and trails, as ticks usually more prevalent on trees.
  2. Prefer wearing white, as ticks are easier to spot on light clothing.
  3. Wear a cap and use a specific repellent on your face.
  4. Protect your ankles wearing socks.
  5. When traveling into the tick-heavy backcountry for days apply the insecticide permethrin to your clothes and spray repellent on skin not covered by clothing.
  6. When checking for ticks, pay special attention to the groin, backs of the knees, and armpits.
  7. Hit the shower and used a loofah.


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