9 Best Exercises for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

People with rheumatoid arthritis may significantly benefit from doing exercises as certain types of exercise may help relieve pain and joint stiffness. These are the best exercises for people who experience RA pain:exercises for people with rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Stretching improves flexibility, reduces stiffness, and increase range of motion.
  2. Walking may help with aerobic conditioning, heart and joint health.
  3. Tai Chi and yoga will increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion.
  4. Pilates stabilizes joints and strengthens the muscles near them.
  5. Exercises in water also increase flexibility and range of motion, strength.
  6. Cycling reduces stiffness, increases range of motion and leg strength.
  7. Strength training increases muscle strength and reduces pain and other symptoms of the condition.
  8. Hand exercises help increase strength and flexibility in the hands.
  9. Gardening can boost mood and reduce stress.

A detailed description of the exercises you’ll find here.


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