9 Foods and Beverages that Can Harm Your Immune System

The best way to support your immune system is to keep a healthy well-balanced diet. Although there are no absolute “good” or “bad” foods for your immunity, healthy eating habits play a crucial role in maintaining the good condition of the immune system. But there are also foods and beverages that can harm the immune system. Here they are:9 foods harmful for your immune system

  1. Alcoholic beverages compromise the immune system by reducing the cells that fight infection. Alcohol drinks increase the susceptibility to pneumonia, sepsis, and poor wound healing.
  2. Caffeine before going to bed hinders your healthy sleep which in turn weakens your immunity.
  3. Canned or dried fruits often contain added sugar leading to an imbalance of the microbiome.
  4. Dairy products may lead to inflammation, a leaky gut, food intolerance in some people.
  5. Junk food provides a high amount of calories, fat, and sodium and low in nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
  6. Food additives, preservatives, and colorings are highly processed and cause inflammation.
  7. Processed foods like bacon, canned soups, and vegetables, frozen dinners contain lots of sugar, refined carbs, additives, and preservatives that are associated with inflammation.
  8. Refined foods like white flour, white bread can cause an imbalance in the gut microbiome.
  9. Refined vegetable oils also can lead to inflammation and imbalance in the gut microbiome.


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