Acne Vaccine – a New Invention of US Scientist

acneProfessor of the University of California at San Diego, Eric Huang said that he is developing a vaccine against propionibacterial acne.Before reporting on such a large-scale event, Dr. Huang conducted a six-year study. Perhaps it is he who will become a pioneer in the field of acne vaccines. Acne is a common in adolescents.Oily skin of adolescents contains a large amount of sebum: this substance contains hormones produced by the body. Consequently, this nutrient medium is ideal for the growth and multiplication of bacteria. During the research, the scientists analyzed the antibodies affecting the toxic protein Christie-Atkins-Munch-Petersen, secreted by bacteria.According to the results of the study, scientists were able to separate vaccines from acne into two types: therapeutic and preventive. Therapeutic focus on the treatment of existing acne, and preventive - to prevent the appearance of acne.


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