Antidepressant Use May Cut the Mortality in Diabetes Patients by 35%

A new study from Taiwan suggests that the use of antidepressant therapies may decrease the number of deaths by 35% in patients suffering from diabetes and depression.Antidepressant Use May Cut the Mortality in Diabetes Patients by 35%

For their research, the scientists used the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database, where they identified 53,412 individuals, of which 50,532 were taking antidepressants and 2880 people took no antidepressants.

The data showed that among the patients in the non-antidepressant group the rate of heart failure, the rate of heart failure was higher but no significant differences were detected between groups in regard to the other 3 comorbid chronic diseases.

The incidence rate of deaths events ranged from 1113.7 (95 %CI: 1078.4-1150.3) per 100,000 person-years in the highest group to 1963.7 (95%CI: 1876.8-2054.7) per 100,000 person-years in the lowest group. Researchers noted that the rates of death decreased as the total cumulative dose increased.


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