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Antioxidant-rich Broccoli Sprouts May Help Support Gut Health

A recent study from Osaka University in Japan suggests that young broccoli sprouts may offer multiple health benefits, as they have a significantly higher concentration of polysulfides than mature broccoli.

In their study, researchers investigated the concentration of polysulfides in broccoli sprouts during germination and growth. The study was based on the previous team’s work on polysulfide concentrations in 22 vegetables, including onions, garlic, and broccoli.

Kelsey Costa, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for the National Coalition on Healthcare, who wasn’t not involved in the study, comments on the results: “The research suggests that the health benefits of broccoli sprouts can be attributed, in part, to the plentiful polysulfides present in them. Sprouts are the miniature, concentrated versions of the plants they will develop into. They offer a nutrient-dense, cost-effective, quick-growing option for anyone wanting to grow their own food in a small space.”

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