Australian Teenagers Created a Malaria Drug For Just $2

Students from Sydney, Australia synthesized active ingredient of the drugs, which are used for treatment of malaria and HIV. According to the estimates of young scientists, the cost should not exceed two dollars.

It is noted that the original medicine "Daraprim" costs $750. How did students of high school achieve such a breakthrough? One of the young researhers Brandon Lee explained that there were a lot of trials and errors. It was a complicated process. They had to repeat a lot of reactions, to try to hold them under different conditions to see exactly what substances and in what combination give "Daraprim". He belived that the students of high school brought a promise to society that even ordinary students are able to create this medication and for a fairly low price.

The search of method for the synthesis of the active substance "Daraprim" took a year.

To start the sale of a new drug it must be proved that its effectiveness is the same as in original drug "Daraprim". Last year, the American businessman Martin Shkreli bought the rights of "Daraprim" and raised its price from 13.5 to 750 dollars. If Shkreli refuse to participate in the trials, the drug creators will have to arrange it by themselves. And it will cost millions of dollars.


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