The Best Breakfast Options to Eat before and after an Early Workout

When you wake up very early in the morning to exercise, it may be not your case to eat breakfast. For some people it’s not even that easy to eat before the sunrise. There is no need to force yourself to eat.early workout

On the other hand, carbs can help offset fatigue, waking you up and that can make you more alert for your workout. It’s important to eat in small portions in order food could be digested in a short period of time. Here are some options for quick breakfasts before an early workout:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Half a banana with a tsp of peanut butter
  • Half a min bagel with a tsp of cream cheese
  • A hardboiled egg and a half slice of toast
  • A handful of cereal
  • ¼ cup of dried fruit
  • A couple swigs of 100% fruit juice

And these are options for the healthy breakfast after the workout:

  • Oatmeal with milk
  • Protein bars
  • A smoothie with protein powder, milk, frozen fruit, and spinach
  • A slice of toast with jam
  • Lentil soup

More information about right breakfasts before and after an early workout here.



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