Best Strategy for Burning Fat: Eat Breakfast and Avoid Late Night Snacks

A new study from the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, USA, shows that eating breakfast and skipping late-night snacking is the best strategy to burn fat and lose weight while eating right before bed delays burning breakfast

The participants of the study were aged above 50 and had two separate 56-hour sessions, both included overnight. The first session included breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other session didn’t have breakfast, but the participants were given a late evening snack which contained as many calories as breakfast.

The researchers found that the schedule of food intake played a significant role in fat burning. Thus, the snack at 10 p. m. delayed the body’s ability to break down fat causing it to break carbohydrates instead. The study showed that those participants who ate breakfast burned 15 g more of lipid (fat) over 24 h compared to those who had the late-night snack.


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