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Colon Cancer: Low-Protein Diet Might Help Reduce Tumor Growth

In a new study, researchers from the University of Michigan, U.S., examined the effects of low-protein diets on the activation of the nutrient-sensing molecules (called mTORC1) in animal and human tissue models and detected that feeding human-derived colon cancer cells with low amino acids and treating them with chemotherapies synergizes to kill cancer cells.

For the study, the researchers assessed colon cancer cells in mice and noticed that mTORC1 activation was higher in the presence of amino acids. Then, they assessed the effects of a low-protein diet on mouse models of colon cancer for two weeks after a month of chemotherapy. The protein content in the mouse diet was reduced from 21% to just 4% protein.

The analysis of the collected data showed that mice sticking to a low-protein diet demonstrated less early tumor growth and more cancer cell death than control rodents. These mice also had reduced mTORC1 activation and proliferation.

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