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Does Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phones Affect Semen Quality?

Recent research, conducted by the team from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), suggests that frequent use of mobile phones is associated with a lower sperm concentration and total sperm count.

For the current study, the researchers examined the association between semen parameters of 2886 men and their use of mobile phones. The participants were asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle habits, their general health status and more specifically the frequency at which they used their phones, as well as where they placed it when not in use.

The analysis of the collected data showed that frequent use of mobile phone was associated with lower sperm concentration. The median sperm concentration was significantly higher in the group of men who did not use their phone more than once a week (56.5 million/mL) compared with men who used their phone more than 20 times a day (44.5 million/mL). This difference corresponds to a 21% decrease in sperm concentration for frequent users (>20 times/day) compared to rare users (<1 time/week).

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