Eating Yogurt Daily May Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer

A new study, conducted by the team of scientists from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, USA, suggests that eating a cup of yogurt daily may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by 20% by boosting healthy bacteria and tumor-killing immunity.Eating Yogurt Daily May Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer

For this study, the researchers analyzed 10 cohort studies from the US, Europe, and Asia which in total involved more than 1.44 million people. The results of the analysis show that people who ate a serving of yogurt every day had a 20% lower risk of this type of cancer. Furthermore, those who ate it along with a high-fiber diet had more than 30% lower risk of the condition.

The authors of the study write in their paper: “For the first time to our knowledge, a potential synergistic association between fiber and yogurt intakes on lung cancer risk was observed. Although further investigation is needed to replicate these findings and disentangle the underlying mechanisms, our study suggests a potential novel health benefit of increasing dietary fiber and yogurt intakes in lung cancer prevention.”


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