Scientists Identified Top 6 Exercises Offsetting Obesity Genes

Recent research from the National Taiwan University in Taipei City examined the effect of 18 different exercises and identified the top six exercises able to offset the obesity genes according to 5 measures.Scientists Identified Top 6 Exercises Offsetting Obesity Genes

A team of scientists analyzed data taken from 18,424 Chinese adults aged between 30 and 70 years participating in the Taiwan Biobank study in the past. The analysis of exercise routine and a person’s genetic risk of obesity showed that jogging was the best exercise to reduce obesity.

Other best options of workouts to offset the genetic risk of obesity include mountain climbing, walking, exercise walking, international standard dancing, and a longer practice of yoga. Such popular activities as cycling, stretching exercise, swimming, dance dance revolution, and qigong did not this type of effect.

The researchers conclude in their study: “Our findings show that the genetic effects on obesity measures can be decreased to various extents by performing different kinds of exercise. The benefits of regular physical exercise are more impactful in subjects who are more predisposed to obesity.”


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