First Baby With Three Genetic Parents Born in Mexico

This happened in April, but for ethical reasons the official announcment about the birth of boy of Abrahima Hassan appeared just now. Scientists from the US have used the method of "three parents". Its essence lies in the use of mitochondrial DNA of a third person for conceiving a baby.

The child's parents is couple from Jordan. The couple had two children, but both children died due to Leia's syndrome - a genetic disease that is accompanied by neural metabolic syndrome that affects the central nervous system. The method of "three parents" helps to protect children from these diseases.

Surgeon John Chiang, who led the operation, introduced the mitochondrial DNA of a donor female to mother's egg. In the US, similar procedures are prohibited, so the operation was carried out in Mexico. According to experts, all went well, the boy is healthy. The child remains under the supervision of physicians.


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