5 Unobvious Foods that Make You Gain Belly Fat, by Nutritionist

Nutritionist Lee Homes from Sydney shares a list of five foods that are most likely make you gain belly fat. Here they are:5 Unobvious Foods that Make You Gain Belly Fat

  1. Muesli bars — they include lots of sugars and protein isolate derived from soybeans which lead to belly fat and bloating.
  2. Fats from salami, bacon, and processed meat — they consist of fats which are hard to digest for your stomach. These fats are trans fats, saturated fats, and omega-6 fats.
  3. Fruit juices — contain a pretty big amount of sugar as for fruit beverage.
  4. Alcohol — an excess of it may contribute to inflammation and make your waistline wider.
  5. Dairy products — are included as they are difficult to digest for some people, and undigested food boosts the increasing the number of bad bacteria which in its turn contribute to gut imbalance and development of visceral fat.


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