Higher Body Mass Later in Life Linked to Faster Brain Aging

A new study from Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami in Florida finds that having a higher body weight, as well as larger waist circumference, later in life is associated with the faster thickening of the cerebral cortex, or brain ageing in other words.Higher Body Mass Later in Life Linked to Faster Brain Aging

For the study, a team of researchers recruited 1,289 people whose average age was 64 years. Two-thirds of them were of Hispanic heritage. After all the necessary measurements were being made, the researchers concluded that people with higher BMI were more likely to have to thin in the cortex area of the brain.

Study co-author Tatjana Rundek comments: “These results are exciting because they raise the possibility that by losing weight, people may be able to stave off ageing of their brains and potentially the memory and thinking problems that can come along with brain ageing.”


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